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Bedtime and car seat troubles...

My daughter was 2 in March and seems to of become a night owl...what time does you 2 year old go to bed? Also, my daughter is in the britax marathon and has been for almost a year and it has been great until she turns in to a total nutcase when driving- even from daycare (10 minute drive) like she is so uncomfortable- particularly pointing at the bottom buckle. She will scream and take her arms out (making me stop multiple times to fix)...I have no idea what has changed. Obviously she is bigger, but it is not tighter then it was (adjusted as needed of course). Anyone else experience this? Or have advice? I started taking snacks with me to have handy and that helps some, but not totally and that's just for picking up from daycare. I can't imagine an actual road trip...
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Re: Bedtime and car seat troubles...

  • Bed time was just moved up for DS when he got rid of his nap 8pm moved to 730pm.

    No advice on car seat sorry:/
  • I am friends with a family that their kids go to bed at 7:00am. Even their nine year old still goes to bed at 7:00am. So, when my kids were infants I made sure that they would go to bed at 7:30am. We still have my four year old as well as my two year old go to bed at that time and it works for us really well. 
    Mom of 3 (Ginny 4 yrs old), (Miles 2 yrs old), and (Mason due June 15th) 
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  • My two year old goes to bed around 8pm. 
    Sorry... no advice about the car seat. Maybe something is pinching her? 
  • We have been weaning down our almost 3 year olds bed time. When he turned 2 he didnt go to sleep till 10:30-11:00 now hes down to 9:15. We had to wake him from naps to get him there. He was taking 3-3 1/2 hour naps now he takes a 2 hr nap.
  • My 3.5 yr old and 21 mo old sleep 7p-6a. As for the car seat, how is she getting her arm out? Not to be mean but you clearly don't have her strapped in correctly if she can get an arm free. That should be impossible if you have her in tightly and correctly. If she meets weight requirements, maybe turning her Forward facing will help with the issue.

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  • Thanks...she is strapped in correctly. She is a very determined little girl and gets her arm out....meaning she basically gets it stuck under the strap because that's as far as she can get it after working very hard.
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  • I bought my two year old a cd of songs she loves. It only works on the "car radio" and she has been a dream to drive with ever since. She used to cry, kick, scream on the 20 min drive to daycare. Yesterday we made it two hours.
  • My son does the same thing with his carseat. He can unbuckle his chest strap and has physically removed himself from the carseat while I have been driving. Very scary situation. I have wrapped the chest strap in every kind of material to avoid him from unbuckling, but he still does it. It's like I'm killing him when I try to put him in the car when I pick him up after I get off work. The only thing I have found that helps with the car situation is that I wait when it's close to his nap time (still a drag out fight to get him in the seat) but he goes to sleep quickly once I get him in the carseat, so we have a peaceful trip most of the time. 
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