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Induction In process due to GD and hypertension

i haven't been much of a poster but thought I would share the induction experience so far to help mentally prepare some of you going in with an unfavorable cervix. I hope its quick for you! I came in Wednesday night had the cervidil at around 9pm they monitored me for an hour then I was admitted because I have high blood pressure and gestational diabetes and considered high risk. Most people get sent home (be thankful) my cervix was rechecked the next morning. I had softened abit but not much so they left the cervidil in for another 12 hours. Softened some more but still not much. So then they put in another cervidil Thursday night. There has been no signs of labor it has just increased my Braxton hicks. I have had this second round for almost 16 hours and waiting for the Dr to come and check me again. I hope at this point I have softened and dilated enough at least so they can do the balloon to help open my cervix when they finally come check
Me. You do a lot of waiting if it doesn't take right away. If you have been told you will be admitted pack something to keep you entertained! Good luck to all you fellow induction mommas! I'll let you know what else I had no idea to expect that may happen! Books cards phone charger extra pillows bring it all!

Re: Induction In process due to GD and hypertension

  • Best of luck to you, hope things pick up soon!!
  • Good luck gal! Hope you get some action soon!
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  • klkonwiklkonwi
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    I always suggest playing cards. Playlists of music. Netflix on a laptop.
  • Good luck and thanks for posting your story.
  • Good luck!
  • Thank you for sharing! Nothin is good advice!!
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  • Ugh my doc told me I'm likely to be induced too and said it would take days! And I would have to be at the hospital the entire time. Luckily that hasn't happened yet but I'm going to be begging to go home I only live 5 minutes from the hospital. I hope you get good news soon and your baby is in perfect health.
  • Got a foley (sorry maybe spelt wrong) about 4 hours ago and it fell out when j went pee! The Dr couldn't believe how quick it went! So this part went well :) waiting on Dr to come break my water and start pitocin here's hoping for a quick labor!
  • klkonwiklkonwi
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    You got a foley balloon is what it's called. Good luck !
  • Good luck!! Keep us posted
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