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Friday Ran(t)doms

Hey all didn't see one made so thought I would start one off for today.

I am frustrated that I feel lightheaded and faint a lot lately. Already discussed with my dr, my iron is a little low but fine she said, everything else is fine. The Dr just chalked it up to late pregnancy, oh goody. So right now I am laying in bed because I can't stand without feeling like I'll collapse.

How about yall?

Re: Friday Ran(t)doms

  • My husband waited until until today the last freaking work day of the month to tell me his car needs reregistered. So I'm waiting for him to call me so I can grab his paperwork so I can go stand in line for a few hours since we can't do it online bc we are military.
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  • @gotdiesel2007 oh goodness, don't you just love men. That sucks, at least in our state you get the first 15 days of the following month to re-register.
  • @babymorgan72015 yes and he just called me and he forgot all his paperwork at home so back I go.
    DS #1 Born 01/23/09
    Married 03/18/10
    DS #2 Born 05/19/11
    DS #3 Due 07/26/15

  • My son, hubs, and odd cat need to be moving house over the next three weeks, and this week doc tells me that due to my GD and insulin resistance, and history of monstrously large DS 12 years ago (10 lbs, natural labor, no drugs) that my high risk doc is considering inducing me anywhere from week 34 on. . . (Initially it was "we will induce you at 39 weeks). I'm 32 weeks right now. . . Crap. This feisty femmechild needs to just chill in there and bake until at LEAST week 35, ideally 36 so my OB is back from vacation. I'm too busy trying to get things organized until then. Not ready!!!
  • Doing my NST and getting last minute things for my brothers arrival tonight :) he's staying for the weekend and I'm so excited! The day started of crappy with all the uncomfortable and exhausted symptoms of pregnancy, BUT hopefully it won't get in the way of this weekend :D
  • I had bought Theresa Caputo tickets forever ago and my husband finally talked me out of going since I'll be 35 weeks pregnant with twins and it's an hour and a half away...... I'm very depressed, and they were expensive tickets!!! Really he didn't talk me out of it but he is concerned so I'll just enlighten him and not go :-( at least he cares :-)
  • Today I drove my husband to the airport where he is spending a weekend trip with his friends. In Utah! Lol so I don't have to worry about him getting in too much trouble there ;)

    I will have my girls trip soon. So we are even. But for now, it's just me and my oldest son (he's two years old).

    We slept in after we got back from dropping the hubby off. Then we set up the fetus' room a little bit more. Then we went to the petting zoo, ate gyro's, and I got a haircut for the first time in a long's been too long. Today was a good day. We'll probably order Chinese takeout for dinner and watch a Disney Classic. No complaints here! Usually I am annoyed beyond annoyed because of pregnancy but to quote Nacho Libre: "my life is good. Real good."
  • Baby shower #2 is this Sunday and I am super excited! I think this one will be more low key than the last one which I don't mind at all. Some people are coming that I haven't seen in a while so I'm really happy to be getting to spend time with old friends.
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  • Well first it is hot, humid and I have cankles! Hate that! But i have had the great idea to finish all our house projects before the baby arrives. Which I suppose is best so the baby is not breathing in drywall dust and such, but I just want to hang out with my husband. I am starting to freak over the thought that it will never be just us two again. :(
  • Why does August have a birth announcement sticky and we don't????? I'm confused...
  • @desquinones I feel ya on that. It freaks both my husband and I out too. We thought it would be just us two forever. Crazy, we'll be a trio soon!
  • @MrsJlsbell it is such a stress feeling. I am excited to welcome my little girl into the world but I feel like I am mourning the loss of our special time.
  • I miss my husband so much! He is working this weekend, he left Tuesday and won't be home until Thursday and then he has to leave Friday night to go 3 hours away to a stupid softball game. He usually leaves Sunday night and comes home on Thursday. Oh the life of A linemans family. Brb crying a river
  • Random one: Baby shower #2 tomorrow! So excited!
    Random two: I read something on FB the other night about a lady who suffered a loss, so I woke up in the middle of the night WORRIED because I wasn't feeling LO moving! Now, it's 2am, so she was probably asleep, unlike her crazy mama! Lol So I get up to drink some cold water, then I went back to bed, laying on my left side. Slowly, I started feeling some subtle movements which relived me tremendously, BUT...I COULD NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP! So I was up until after 5am and I had to get up for a workshop this morning... Talk about a miserable day! And what's so funny, LO had a very busy day of rolling and kicking! LOL Then I came home for a much needed nap, but I slept until 8:30!! Now, I'm UP... *sigh*
  • Random #3 I'm gonna miss NOT having a period!!
  • mommy1922 said:

    Random #3 I'm gonna miss NOT having a period!!


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