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Baby's heart rate

I can't remember anything from my first pregnancy (and of course forgot to ask at my appointment today). 33 weeks today and had my routine checkup. Everything looks and measures perfectly, baby is moving, no complaints. When my doc checked the heart rate it came in at 136. Normal rate I know, but at past appointments baby's heart rate was usually 150 ish, but hasn't dipped below that until this appointment. Is that normal? Do their heart rates slow down a bit the older and closer they get to birth? I can't remember. Baby wasn't moving much at that time either, so maybe sleeping?

Just curious. thanks ladies!

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Re: Baby's heart rate

  • That's how our baby girls rate was as well, high 140s, even in the 150s and then it went to the 130s. The doctor was not concerned so I figured it must be normal. :)
  • Same thing happened to me yesterday! Baby has been in the high 150s, at yesterday's appointment it was 140. I pointed it out- doctor said it was fine and it's normal for baby's heart rate to drop as we get closer to term. She said anything between 120-160 is fine.
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  • Yes that's normal. As baby grows and develops, the heart rate will slow down. My baby's was 125 at 35 weeks.

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    Totally normal. During my NSTs, they're looking for the heart rate accellerations, even -- so I'll see it go anywhere from the 120s to 160+, multiple times, over the course of those 20 minutes. Your heart rate isn't steady state, and the same applies for baby, too.
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  • I had this happen and was told it was normal.
    Of course I can't remember why it happens though haha
  • Thanks ladies! That's all the reassurance I needed. My doc did tell me everything looked perfect and to keep doing what I was doing, but of course my mind is overactive sometimes.
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  • Yes the bigger the baby gets the slower the heartbeat becomes. When I was 10 w the heart rate was 174 now at 34 weeks it was 130.
  • Agree with PPs- the closer to term, the heart rate tends to get lower. Normal range for a "baseline" is 110-160. Even if you see the heart rate as 130 when you look at the monitor, chances are it varies from moment to moment, this is called variability. It'll be 130, then 132, then 138, then 128, etc. It's a sign that baby is well oxygenated. If you're having an nst done, look at the strip and it'll look wiggly. Plus baby should have "accelerations" which are more dramatic increases for a period of time, then return to baseline. Also a sign of an active, well oxygenated baby. :)
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