Dont use that word!

Recently my child decided that his favorite word is 'hate'.... Everything is "hate" you ask him if he wants X for dinner and I get "I hate X" when we tell him its time to get ready for bed we get "No I hate going to bed." I am at a loss on how to break him if this habbit, and am looking for any suggestions. 

Re: Dont use that word!

  • When DD says stuff like that, we just tell her we don't talk that way in a firm but nonchalant voice, and we will also generally repeat what she says using a different word. So if she says "I hate going to bed", I'll say something like "I know you're not a fan of bedtime, but..". If she catches on to another way of saying something that appeals to her, that's usually the next thing she tries. Whatever you do, don't give any major reaction to the words you don't like your DS using, then they use it just because they know it makes you bonkers. ;)
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