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Baby Shower...How many registries???

Hello fellow mommies to be FTM here prepping for my baby shower and I'm wondering how many registries should I have? I registered at 3 places and after I completed the registries I now feel like I went overboard. Is it normal to register at 3 places? I went to Target, Buy Buy Baby and Burlington Coat Factory; I feel like I should've stuck with one place. I have no clue....

Re: Baby Shower...How many registries???

  • I'm registered at 3 places also. I don't think you went overboard at all. I chose 3 stores due to convenience for my family/friends. Buy Buy Baby, Target and Babies R Us.
  • I feel like I have 150 registries but I think it's more like 10 or so.
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  • jenbstevensjenbstevens
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    Why on earth would you need ten registries?! I understand three, at three places that have different types of things (clothes, baby items, and target aka everything) or for location convenience (but really, can't people order online from any one place?), but how could you possibly need things at ten different stores? Please, I actually want to know. Also, what kinds of baby things does Burlington coat factory have? I haven't been in one in ages so this is also a legitimate question.

    If you have the same items in multiple registries you will likely end up getting doubles of things you don't need, but I guess you can always return them, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of registering in the first place?

    I currently have one, Babies r Us, and might add one at target but there really isn't anything baby related that Target would have that Babies r Us wouldn't.
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  • Lis5362Lis5362
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    I have two: buybuybaby (bc that's where I like to shop) and babies r us (bc it might be more convenient for guests that don't have a BBB near them). I've seen people have three places before though.
  • I will have 2-3---Target, Babies-R-Us and maybe Amazon.  I heard you can register on there--and nothing is more convient than Amazon!
  • I had two. Three, I start to side-eye. TEN?!? No need for that many. 
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  • I think we will do two registries....

    One online w/ either Amazon or Babylist (babylist lets you add items from anywhere!  even sites like etsy) and the other at a brick and mortar like Babies R Us or Target for those "old school" family members who don't do online.  However, I think you can connect your target & babies r us etc. to babylist.....still trying to figure it all out.  
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    We registered at two places, Target and Babies R Us, just so people had an option of which store to go to (since a lot of people would prefer to pick something out in a store as opposed to online). I also checked prices so if something was cheaper at Target than it was at BRU, it went on the Target registry, and vice versa. No duplicates.

    I do think ten registries is a little ridiculous, but three is okay.
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  • We did 2; one on Amazon and one at BRU so people could have the option of going to a brick-and-mortar store if they preferred. My family is from a very rural area and is super old school so I wanted them to have an option that wasn't online-only, otherwise I would have just registered for everything on Amazon.
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  • I'm planning on 2: Target and Babies R Us. My baby showers are early due to summer travel reasons, so I preferred the generous exchange/return time frame of these two stores.
  • We did 1 at buybuybaby
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  • I'm trying to come up with 10 stores in my area that have baby registries and it's a struggle...

    Honestly, any more than 3 is probably overkill.

  • rue:Drue:D
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    I have three - Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon. Target and Buy Buy Baby because each of those stores have some specific things I want that the other doesn't carry, and Amazon for the random things at other stores since you can add stuff from anywhere to their registry.
  • Buy buy baby alone was overwhelming. I wouldn't stress myself out by doing multiple and making hard to manage duplicates. I thought maybe target for a few other things but it just seems too complicated to manage. People that don't have buy buy baby can hopefully buy online. Or give me something else if they want.
  • JinnelJinnel
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    I have two...Amazon and Target. I might do a third at this local baby shop in town. But I'm gonna wait and see what gets picked from at the first two. The local baby shop has a few special pieces. Nothing of complete necessity, just extras. My husband has a step mom and birth mom. They both have ridiculously big families so they are throwing me separate ones. My husband's step mom is doing it with my Mom. Then my girlfriends are throwing me one in September.
  • Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us. We were thinking of Target but both places have what you can get at Target. I agree that 10 is a lot.
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