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Kaiser Dr's in San Diego?

Can anyone recommend a good OB/Gyn in San Diego? I'm South Bay area. I go in for my first prenatal on June 3rd,but I'm okay with trying out different docs till I find the right one.

Re: Kaiser Dr's in San Diego?

  • I use Dr. Vance at Vandever. She's awesome.
  • bjorkdorkbjorkdork member
    edited June 2015
    @Drey329 thank you for the referral! I actually had my first prenatal scheduled with NP Harris at the El Cajon location. She was amazing! She's very experienced, and she really listened. I felt so comfortable with her. She included hubbie in everything, which he appreciated. We were both so blown away by her that we're sticking with her! She even noticed that I have strong feelings about having a natural vaginal birth, and she suggested finding a doula (which I've already researched and won't be able to afford), so then she suggested I look into the Bradley Method (which I had already looked into and will be signing up for when the time comes). So on the whole she made me feel very comfortable and confident!
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