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Looking for a new bra with specific criteria...any ideas?

Hi guys,

I have this wicked itchy rash, which my doctor thinks is yeast, between my breasts.  I'm using a cream on it but it is not going away.  Since my current bras are pushing my boobs together and keeping my cleavage sweaty (which we know yeast loves), I'd love to find a bra that keeps my boobs SEPARATE.  Does anyone know of a bra brand that keeps boobs apart from one another?  Right now I'm using Bravado nursing bras, but they just aren't cutting it.  I'd like something without underwire and that I can nurse in.  Would appreciate any ideas!

Re: Looking for a new bra with specific criteria...any ideas?

  • Did you try any bras from Motherhood or Target or Walmart? I love my sports bra from Walmart...I have to have tank top on!
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    I haven't, but I'll check them out. Thanks, @kherman14 !
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  • Sorry to hear that you are uncomfortable I would try to find one made out of mostly cotton if you cannot fine ones made with 100%. diapers.com has a few. You can also type in cotton bras in google and some will pop up. I would also not get underwire and go braless whenever you can.
  • I used to know about this awesome bra that'd push them up and separate them but I completely forgot what company makes them. Ugh
  • I second trying a cotton bra and also checking out Target's selection of nursing bras, but I would also recommend applying tea tree oil to the affected area as it is highly effective against yeast and bacteria. Lavender essential oil is another option and it has the bonus of smelling fabulous :)
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    I just put baby powder underneath them...nice and dry with no rash and I smell good ;)
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    Please no baby powder. It will cause more yeast to grow. Cotton or some other fabric that breathes is the way to go. I have giant breasts and wear sports bras a lot...... But I got fitted at motherhood and they had a lot of soft cotton ones....
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    Yes be careful with the powder. I had the same problem and tried powder and it ended up just getting really dried out and my skin started peeling which then caused it to burn and itch even more! There is a bra from motherhood and I think the style is Reese. It's kind of like a sports bra but keeps the boobs separate and there is no wire! Good luck and I hope you find some relief soon!
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  • For my anatomy,that isn't possible. But, I do--like others have mentioned--stick in a piece of fabric between them.
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    I wear the Bliss bras by Bravado in a size 36 H/I and do not have any issues. I did have this exact issue at the beginning of my pregnancy when my breasts grew and I hadn't yet bought bigger bras. I think the issue here may be proper sizing. I went to a specialty shop to get sized, then went home and ordered online.
    I too cannot wear sports bras no matter the style for this reason.

    I struggled with thrush my whole breastfeeding relationship with my first born. Let your breasts air out as much as possible, do not eat too much sugar as it feeds yeast, take some probiotics daily, and don't wear the same bra over and over as yeast will stay in your bra and prevent getting better.
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