Stimulating his mind vs. getting enough sleep!

So Ben is now 2 months chronological age, about 3 weeks corrected age. He spends what seems to be to be an incredible amount of time awake, looking at his room and crib. For instance, this morning after feeding at 8am, I changed him and thought he'd fall right back to sleep but he's spent the last two hours looking in the crib mirror.

He got a little fussy just before 10, so we had some tummy time and a cuddle and he seemed to get sleepy. I put him back in his crib, and he went right back to looking around and NOT napping like I hoped he would!

Is this okay? I want to give him the chance to sleep when he needs it, but I want to get in activity with him in appropriate measures, too. I'm going at it loosely following the Baby Whisperer's EASY structure.

ETA: I laid him down about 10:15 and he's asleep again! Babies!
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