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Big baby?

i have an appointment with my dr today to discuss my induction next week yay!!!! However do any of you ladies know of a way to estimate size without an ultrasound(that I could suggest to my dr)? Our insurance only covers 2 ultrasounds (the initial and the gender sono) unless there is an emergency. DS was 8# and my Obgyn (who has since retired) said had he been any bigger my body would not have been able to accommodate a vaginal delivery. I'm terrified that this baby is bigger and they will induce me and LO will be too big and will end up distressed resulting in a csection.

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  • My OB has been able to get a good guess by feeling dd & ds while I was pregnant with them, she was only off by 1 oz with both.

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    With my first she just felt with her hands said she feels like a 6lb baby and two days later I had her she was 5lb 14oz. I'm not sure if they have to be positioned a certain way. The OB I have now goes by the U/S but even that can be 1lb off either way. GL
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  • Most OBs/midwives can have a pretty good idea with just the feel of their hands in relation to your size, also measuring your fundal height every appt gives them an idea (hands are better). Some don't even mention it unless they are concerned with too big or small. Ask your doctor at this appointment what their thoughts are about size, and express your concern about weight!
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    I was wondering how they could tell by just feeling with their hands! What do they feel?
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