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***ttc again 5/27***

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Hi ladies! Good luck to those ladies cycling!!


((Hugs)) to everyone else who needs them!! This check-in
is open to anyone that is part of the SAIF community and is currently TTC
again, either on their own, or via injectibles,IUI, IVF, adoption, etc.


A check-in will be posted every week. Please reply to
the check-in post if you would like to be added to the group. Each check-in
will provide the opportunity for you to provide an update as to where you
currently are in your TTC. Once you get pregnant please post about your first
and second beta then move over to the pregnancy check in.


QOTW: What kind of TWW person are you—wait for AF or beta or POASaholic?


TTC, without meds, hoping for a wonderful


bleebebebebe- I had an appointment with my RE yesterday
for a fluid ultrasound. All looked fine. So I got my calendar and a birth
control Rx. BCPs should start in about 2 weeks with my next period and meds
begin in mid March. It's kind of starting to feel real that we are really about
to go through this again. Getting nervous too....


calindi- we had sex, now we wait. It's so weird to be at the beginning of this crazy train again. I can't really bring myself to hope - I keep finding myself just thinking of it as checking boxes towards resuming treatment next year. As we were unexplained, it certainly could happen, but I just don't feel like it will. More than 22 failed cycles last time just makes me think something needed that Follistim and IUI. Or maybe we even got lucky with that. That's a rabbit hole of worry I try not to let myself go down.


emwaiting – 6/18 We are currently off all meds and just
seeing what will happen on our own. Praying for that little miracle to happen.
You know be one of those that can say "it will happen when you quit
trying!" ha I will be 6 wks tomorrow from my last period so that is
frustrating that it won't come on it's own. If it isn't here in another week
then they will do a blood test to make sure I'm not prego and then do the meds
to start my period. Kinda hard to have that miracle without my period or
ovulating. We had to do IVF to get our DS so we are thinking we will have to go
down that road again so time to save $$ again!


fullfhope- we are TTC on our own right now, going to RE
on December 29 and we will make a plan then for going forward.


iloveflipflops- After completing all my repeat screening to start my clomid fsh iui treatment cycle I'm

still in limbo .My results came back with me having an elevated Tsh thyroid level so my RE told me to go see my primary dr my primary dr said they are borderline but my fertility center has a cut off for thyroid and my primary dr understands we need to restart the fertility process ASAP so that dr referred me to go see a Endocrinologist. That appt isn't until two week so needless to say I'm frustrated my cd1 just began today knowing I have all my fertility medicines pills and trigger shot sitting in dining room not knowing when I will be able to use all of it annoys me. Hoping I get to use everything sooner than later.


katekat8721-AF came and went and was horrible. We are
still trying on our own, a miracle baby would be nice but ya know. We filed our
taxes and found we'll be getting back enough to cover the FET, so that's a load
off our chest. I weaned from the pump so this cycle was all jacked up, I don't
know if I should expect AF this weekend or if it'll be another 50+ day cycle.


Missionobaby- Hi Everyone, I new to the forum, the 2ww
is killing me and forums has been keeping me motivated and well informed. After
3 years of TTC, DH and I have been seeing a RE for approximately a 1 year. What
i found out over the year, i had endometrisis (3/14) which lead to 3 years of
horrible menstrual cycles. After antibiotic treatment, I was told everything
should clear up. After about a year of exams of DH and I we still have not
received a clear explanation for IF. I was placed on letrozole cycle day 3-7,
started opk day 10. Went in for IUI on day 16. P4 done today and 1 week left to
test! After OV I had 3 days of cramping from left ovary and dpiui 4 to today i
have been feeling so nauseated, which i believe is really early for it to be a
cause related to treatment.


Nursey (Okitty)- AF is 4 days early--ugh. We are on our
way out* of breastfeeding so I'm hoping the change in hormones will be in our
benefit. We can't start any adoption prep until DS is 18mos, so I guess we'll
keep going the old fashioned way til then. DH broke my heart last night. Before
AF showed I speculated that my supply drop could be due to a pregnancy. He said
he got butterflies and excited thinking that it was a possibility and was
tickled at the prospect of another LO. Knife to the heart dude. He's too sweet.


MAbride0808-Cycle 3 was a bust. We are just going to
continue to TTC until our RE appointment in March.

TTC, with treatments



 I have 3 weeks until my IVF appointment. I will figure out when I can cycle and what tests need to be redone. It has been two years since my HSG and I am hoping I don't have to redo it.


amandaleigh1- I'm up to 4 estrogen patches in prep for my FET. Lining check appointment is in 2 days. I went to my lining check yesterday and was given the green light to start progesterone, which was awesome because I was at s company outing at a baseball game. Did my first public place PIO shot!


Bellalou – Appt on Thursday with RE. Had 8.75mm fluid in ute. Need hysterectomy. I'm gonna try for last 2 embryos til I hafta pay for storage and I'll probably be all done. Maybe not even that long. I'm exhausted and the fluid is beating me.


Deeds1017- I am waiting in AF so I can start my meds.


Gregermis- had mid cycle monitoring today.  Lining looks good.  Looks like they will have me trigger tomorrow evening for IUI on Friday am. update: had IUI, only 2.8 mil total motile.  UGH!  My DH's sperm just don't like the IUI prep procedure


hham10- I just stopped bcp Saturday and have been taking Lupron for a week I go in for my check Thursday and start patches Saturday. Things are moving along.


KK_8721-Hi all. I'm still on BCP until the 10th or so, then I'll start lupron. All is quiet for now which is nice because the girls' bday is in a week and a half so I can just focus on that! I'm getting more and more excited as time goes on. I've been looking through the girls baby pics for their party and it's giving me all the newbie baby feels! I still hate BCP though. Makes me ragey and weird haha. Hoping all the estrogen I'll be on for the FET doesn't make me a huge nut


Run20K- I transferred 2 blasts yesterday and learned
today that none of my remaining embryos were freeze quality, which makes me so


STL34- Femera TI cycle was a bust.  I am waiting on AF so that I can schedule another HSG.  My last HSG was before Lillian.  But, since we aren't looking to do IVF again (spent too much money on it so far) and I'm not ready to give up, they want me to do one.  Anyhow, it was a very miserable experience last time that ended with inconclusive results as my uterus kept having spasms (it showed both tubes blocked but it was believed it was from spasms).  I will have some sort of sedative but probably just vallium in order to see if that helps with the spasm issue.  We shall see!  If that goes well, we will likely do a few more Femera TI cycles before calling it quits.


SUG92- Good luck to everyone! I had my IUI yesterday so I'm crossing my fingers! Baby dust to everyone.


Thosethreewords- I'm day 7 of stims. I had 14 follies on Sunday. My E2 was 99 on day 4 and 250 on day 6 - which for me is absolutely amazing and higher than it ever has been. I go back for monitoring tomorrow. This is where my last cycle started falling apart...so hopefully, things are still going well. Update: They got 9 eggs from me - a record! 4 were mature, 3 matured overnight. None of the first four fertilized. I'm waiting for the call about the other three...but I really doubt anything happened with them. Apparently, the sperm was really bad. Nothing bound when they did the HA Binding test. I hate waiting for a call with bad news. image ETA - got the call.  Nothing fertilized.  The sperm looked very bad and we are going to go back to the andrologist to see what he thinks our next move should be.  I'm so sad.


ON A BREAK, hoping to get back in the game soon




IVF #1 ET 1 d3 embryo 10/30/11 BFP
3 Embryos frozen (1 d5, 2 d6)

DS born 07/29/12

FET #1 ET 1 d5 embryo 02/10/15 BFN

FET #2 1 d6 embryo didn't survive thaw, transferred last d6. CP :(


Re: ***ttc again 5/27***

  • QOTW: I POAS often and early in a treatment cycle, otherwise I wait it out.

    Today was my FET transfer. I had 2 frozen left. They thawed one, and it did not look good. So they thawed the last one. That one looked pretty good, so it was transferred. Now I wait. I did an acupuncture afterward and had a nice lunch out. So at least I got a nice relaxing afternoon after it!

    IVF #1 ET 1 d3 embryo 10/30/11 BFP
    3 Embryos frozen (1 d5, 2 d6)

    DS born 07/29/12

    FET #1 ET 1 d5 embryo 02/10/15 BFN

    FET #2 1 d6 embryo didn't survive thaw, transferred last d6. CP :(

  • Cycle Status:

    I am back, and shocked to be back.

    DH after discussing the CCS results and FET regroup call with our RE has decided we should start the FET prep with my AF starting next week!  That was supposed to be my original FET date but I am very excited and cautious to be back. 

    I e-mailed my nurse and will need to start BCP with CD 3 and have an HSG but then I am guessing my FET will be late June/early July?

    Wishing everyone well!!

    QOTW:  POAS from the earliest day possible!!!

    H: 34 dx Azoospermia due to CBAVD from CF  
    ME: 39 IS FINE!!!  DOR and poor AMH/FSH/LH
    IVF/ICSI/PESA #1 Beta 1 373 Beta 2 1783 BOY/GIRL TWINS!! Born April 2010!!
    Natural FET 5/26/12 2 blasts Beta 1 207 Beta 2 513 Beta 3 1377 U/S 6/28 Pregnancy not viable d & c scheduled :( 
    IVF/ICSI/PESA #2 ER 11/15/12 Nothing to transfer :( 
    IVF/ICSI #3 April 2013 MDLF 3dt of 3 embryos, chemical :(  
    IVF #4/ICSI/MESA/CCS/FET EPP April 2015
    ODWU CCRM with Dr. Sch COMPLETE!!!! Put on acai supplement they are studying for DOR and embryo quality.
    DAY 3 Labs Drawn 2/26 put on vitamin D and calcium supplements
    Regroup and Protocol Reveal 3/04 "Bazooka Protocol" EPP with MDLF "Protocol 6 with patches"
    ER/MESA 4/10 ER 9 eggs retrieved MESA success found live swimmers :)
    Fertilization Report 6 eggs mature and ICSI'd 4 eggs fertilized normally
    Day 6 Report to Blast for CCS 4/16: 2 DAY 5 BLASTS BIOPSIED FOR CCS a 4AB and a 3AB!!!!
    CCS Results BOTH BLASTS CCS NORMAL!!!!!!  call on 4/24
    Regroup call to discuss CCS results and FET call on 5/20
    FET prep: CD 1 6/08 CD 3 Start BCP 6/10, HSG 6/12 Lupron Start 10 iu 6/17 End BCP 6/21 CD 1 6/23!!!
    Start vivelle patches 6/25 change e/o/d reduce Lupron to 5iu 6/25 Blood Draw 7/01, 7/08, 7/15, 7/19
    Increase vivelle patches 7/03 2 change e/o/d and 7/05 change e/o/d 3 and 7/07 4 change e/o/d add vaginal estrace 2x a day
    Lining Check/Blood Draw 7/08 and 7/15 End Lupron 7/18  Start PIO 1ml daily 7/18  Blood  Draw 7/19
    Flight to clinic 7/22
    FET 2 CCS BLASTS :):)  7/23 :):) YES YES both thawed and both fully expanded :):)
    7/26 :):) 3dp5dt PM very very faint positive FRER
    7/27: 4dp5dt Neg Digi AM but very very faint positive FRER PM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 1-2 :):) 
    7/31:8dp5dt AM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 2-3!!!! :):) 
    Beta 1 8/01= 408!!!!!!!!!! at 9dp5dt FET
    Beta 2 8/03 = 1014!!!!!!!!!! at 11dp5dt FET
    8/05/2015 AM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 3+!!!! :):) 
    First Ultrasound: 8/20!!!!!! TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Genetics says BOTH BOYS!!!!!!!!!
    Second Ultrasound: 9/03!!!!!!!!!!


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  • @amandaleigh1 FX for you!!!

    I have a week and half now till my IVF appointment and I am anxious to get started! I hope to do the cycle in July or early August, but I will know more soon.

    QOTW: I am a complete and total spaz and POAS to get test the trigger out and then just keep going!
    ~~ All Welcome~~
    ME: 32, SER aggregates on eggs, anovulatory
    DH:  33, 2% morphology
    TTC #1 
    2 clomid cycles, 3 hybrid clomid/bravelle IUI's = 4 BFN/1 [email protected] 5.5 weeks
    IUI #6 -Follitism IUI cycle converted to IVF and back to IUI-4 mature, 3 maybe mature = BFP!!   DS Born 9/2014
    IVF #1 9/15 Antagonist- 19 R 1F (Frozen day 1 @ 2PN stage) Diagnosed with SER aggregates in 13/19 eggs after failed fertilization
    IVF #2 11/15 Antagonist w/ICSI  (Higher stims & Letrosole added last minute on stim day 7)- 39R, 24M (20/24 SER free), 15F (14/15 SER free & all frozen @ 2PN stage) 
    FET#1 Cultured all 16- 2pn embryos to day 5- transferred 1 good hatching blast and 1 early blast on 1/28- None to freeze - beta 2/5

  • STL34STL34 member
    @amandaleigh1 snuggle in embie!!

    Good luck, efhoping2010!!  I'm glad you are back!

    AFM:  I had my HSG yesterday.  Valium made a huge difference, the doctor had no issue with my cervix and my tubes are CLEAR!!  So much better than my last HSG which showed both tubes blocked!

    QOTW:  I used to wait until the day before beta.  My last couple of IVF cycles I started testing early and would get a negative followed by a positive followed by negatives.  So, lesson is that I should not test until right before beta.


    ~SAIF/PAIF/Everyone Welcome~ 

    Me= 37 and DH = 41 

    Dx: DOR, Endo, APA+ (really high beta 2 glycoprotein antibody and high everything else tested), heterozygous MTHFR mutation, positive for lupus anticoagulant, high FSH, low AMH and both tubes blocked (per HSG on 3/8/11)

    IVF #1 - long lupron (with HGH, intralipids, lovenox and BA); 4 retrieved, 3 fertilized; ET 2 blasts and 1 frozen = BFN

    IVF #2 - a version of antagonist with EPP (with HGH, intralipids, lovenox and BA); 6 retrieved, 4 mature, 3 fertilized, 2 blasts and 1 frozen blast transferred on day 5 = BFN.

    IVF #3 April was postponed to May, May was canceled. June/July was canceled. Had a cyst aspiration and then began IVF #3 in August. ER on 8/22; ET on 8/24 with AH. +HPT on 9/5. Beta #1 (11dpo) = 3; Beta #2 (15dpo) = 29; Beta #3 (17dpo) = 60; Beta #4 (19 dpo) = 118. Heartbeat at 6 weeks 6 days =132.  Lil is here!

    TTC#2:  Trigger + TI = BFN; Clomid + Trigger + IUI = BFN.

    IVF #4:  BCP + MDLF + Lovenox = 7R, 1F = Transferred 1 6-cell embryo on day 3 = BFN

    IVF #5:  MDLF + Lovenox = 4R, 1F = Transferred 1 10-cell compacting embryo on day 3 = BFN

    IVF #6:  (New RE):  Long Antagonist November 2014 (transferred two 8 cell grade 1 embryos and froze one blast) = BFN

    FET#1:  BFN

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