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Looking for suggestions for putting Lo to bed

So for naps and bedtime I have to pat/rub Lo toosh in the crib till he falls asleep. Lately it has been taking forever. I have 2 other children and really can't spend this much time putting him to sleep. I don't have the heart to just let him cry. Any suggestion?

Re: Looking for suggestions for putting Lo to bed

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    see8esee8e member
    Introducing a lovey could help. I also sing the same three lullabies in order when prepping for nap or bed. She hears them and knows it's time for sleep since that's the only time I sing them--like a cue.
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    Usually my 4.5 month old nurses to sleep, but when he doesn't fall asleep while nursing I just lay him down in his crib and he like talks to himself for a while (can be up to 15 min).  Then he will start to fuss a little and may cry but doesn't cry really  hard.  Before you know it, he's asleep!  and sleeps 6-8 hrs at once.

    Try putting him down and see if he talks to himself and may just fall asleep.

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