Possible Infection?


I am just about 5 week pp. My incision was checked 2 weeks ago because I was having some pain and thought it may be infected. Dr said it wasn't, etc... However, now the incision has become extremely red and the redness has spread to another part. At first the redness was only on one side, whereas now the redness has spread to take up almost 1/2 of the incision. This new area has also been leaking a rust colored pus-like substance.

I do not have a fever, but I've had a constant headache, my ears & throat have been sore. Could I be fighting an infection?

Re: Possible Infection?

  • I don't have experience with anything like that, but it sounds like it could be to me. I'd call your doctor about it.
  • If it's red and swollen I would call. The pus substance draining would also make me call. I had a postpartum infection from my csection around 5 weeks, it turned red, got swollen, and soon started draining fluid. It had to be opened and cleaned out. I then had to have it heal from the inside out with a wet to dry dressing my husband had to do for me. I was also on strong meds to kill the infection for 2 weeks. Not to scare you but I would call.
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  • Red, warm, tender and leaking pus are all signs of infection. Get it checked out. Feel better!
  • Had to be infected sounds just like mine! No one would listen to me either! Get it checked out!
  • Part of my incision started leaking pus like fluids and was red and hurt. So I went in and my doctor at first told me he thought it was fine and wasn't infected. I still wasn't comfortable with that answer because the fluid did have a not so pleasant odor. So he swabbed the area and turns out it was an infection and I was on antibiotics for a week. I would call your doctor and demand they swab just to make sure it's not infected. Good luck!
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