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Breast Augmentation

I posted this in my birth club and only got one response so in posting here because I really need advice. I know I may be prematurely thinking about this . But has anyone considered breast augmentations post partum ?

Before pregnancy I had nice And full D cups . I was kind of an early bloomer but I had grown to love my boobs .

It's been 3 months since I had my son and I am breast feeding . I know that I'm not going to be satisfied with my looks when I choose to wean him .
They are now at least DDs and they sag a lot . And I'm so young that I feel like i will be miserable with the way I look . I cannot find any clothes that fit properly. I have low self esteem because my left breast is way bigger than my right.
My back hurts a lot and I find myself hunched over more often.

Does anyone else have issues with their appearance after children ? Any back or neck problems ? How far would you go to look the way you used to ? And would I be selfish to want a breast reduction or lift ?
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