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Ergo Carrier vs Wrap

i have two ergo carriers I received for gifts, they are sturdy but the infant insert is super hot. Any thoughts of a wrap is better for newborns? My baby girl is 4 weeks and the Houston summer heat is too much with the insert.

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    I used a Moby wrap when DD was first born and liked it. Once she could fit in the Ergo I changed to that and now I use that exclusively. I love it.


  • Instead of the instert you can use a thinner blanket.

    I'm using my Moby wrap a lot right now, but I'm not in extreme heat.
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  • I was just watching  a video comparing the Ergo, Bjorn and Moby.  

    I want to like the Moby, but good lord I feel like it looks like a lot of pressure to know what you're doing in terms of putting it on.  I think my anxiety takes that one out of the running for me...
  • I really like the Ergo wrap! The moby is just too much of a learning curve for me.
  • I love the Moby! The fabric is nice and breathable for hot weather.
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