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VBAC success story!

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Introducing the one and only Alan Bravo! Born at 12:13 this morning by VBAC! 39w, 6lb 11oz, 19 1/2 in long. He's momma's sweetheart! Breastfeeding like a champ. I went into labor at 4am Monday morning. Went in to triage at 11 and was sent home with no progress. Stuck at 2cm and 60% effaced. Labored at home all day and went back at 5 and was admitted. I was still 2cm but 100% effaced. Contractions progressed and I had an epidural at 8pm. My water broke right after that as my OBGYN walked in to break it herself He already had his first poop/meconium so they flushed me out and called for NICU to standby. I was started on pitocin after that and quickly dilated to 10 within a couple of hours. I began pushing after that and contractions were too far apart to make much progress so my Dr. used a vacuum to assist. Alan's heart rate dropped at one point and I was given an episiotomy to help make room. He arrived right after midnight crying on his own! No meconium aspiration! Lots of bruising and a couple of abrasions on his poor head. I ended up with a stage 4 tear that is not the most comfortable thing but he is here-happy and healthy! Daddy cried and momma's got her little boy now! Life is Good!
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