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Circumcision... When does it happen?

share your stories. Found out yesterday I'm having a baby boy and the thought popped in my mind. When does circumcision happen? Is it painful for baby?

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    It's usually done 24 hours after birth. The doc can give the baby a lidocaine injection to numb him or apply a topical agent... Though I don't think that works as good as the injection. They also give the baby Tylenol afterward. The baby usually cried but it's mostly because they a strapped down to a board and babies don't like to be restrained. I would recommend asking for the lidocaine injection if you're going to have it done for he comfort of the baby. I still go back and forth if I want to do it. Still waiting to find out the sex though, so I might not have to make that decision. Hope that helped!
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    My OB did the circ the day after DS was born. They took him out and were back before we knew it. She said he cried a little but by the time he came he was all snuggled up and fast asleep so it didn't seem to phase him much. The main advice I got was that it's not really something you want to watch. Do your research so you're educated about both choices. My mom (a nurse) has told me several stories of uncirc'd older patients and the unpleasant infections they had to deal with, so it was a no brainer for us.

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