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Anyone use Dr Kaufmann for IVF?

Did anyone use DR Kaufmann at Fort Worth Fertility for IVF? What did you think?

Re: Anyone use Dr Kaufmann for IVF?

  • I did go to his office. Two iui procedures done there. I will say he was a kind person but did not like dealing with his office staff nor did I feel like they properly identified my medical issues causing infertility. I switched to dr. Sy q le (office in Irving) and absolutely loved him as a doctor! He was aggressive with his approach, honest and did exactly what we needed based on my medical needs. We are pregnant after Ivf!
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  • I should add, maybe Ivf would have gone better with them. Someone I know did Ivf with them twice and second time was a success. She had a much better experience than me.
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  • I did iui with him twice. The second time worked and I'm eight months pregnant. I have short cycles. I really feel that they did everything to help me. They explained everything so could understand. I really liked his frank and funny bedside manner too. Go for a consultation. He will put you at ease.
  • I went to their office . Saw doctor Elkins instead prefer female doctor . She's awesome pregnant now 16 weeks
  • I recommend Repromed Fertility Clinic, Dr. Escobar is amazing! 
  • xobabyk said:
    I recommend Repromed Fertility Clinic, Dr. Escobar is amazing! 
    I saw Dr Pinto at Repromed!! We did ivf and got our bfp the first try. 
    I did see Dr Esbobar twice while going through the process. They were both wonderful!!! 

    RE DX for me: Anovulatory cycles/Mild PCOS  RE DX for DW: Endometrioma on left Ovary.
    Reciprocal Ivf Feb 2016. DW eggs and I am carrying. EDD: 10/27/16

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