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Gainesville, VA OB/Hospital Recommendations!

Hi! I just found out I am pregnant with my second & recently moved to Gainesville. Last time I was with Loudoun Community Midwives, and delivered at the Lansdowne Birthing Inn.  The whole experience was good, but the distance to use them again is too much.  Also, my son ended up in NICU and was almost flown to Fairfax hospital.  I'm wondering if this time around, should I just go to Fairfax to begin with just in case? I haven't heard much about Novant Haymarket Hospital, any experiences?

Also, any recommendations for an OB either in Gainesville/Haymarket or Manassas (where I work?) I'm really looking for an all female group.

Thanks so much for your help!

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Re: Gainesville, VA OB/Hospital Recommendations!

  • Hey! I'm using Fairfax OB/GYN in Gainesville - they're in the Virginia Gateway shopping center near the iHop- I love them! Not all female but I'm really impressed with their team. They deliver at Inova Fair Oaks. Highly recommend! Where in Gainesville are you? I'm looking for some preggo pals!
  • I live in Gainesville and I'm using greenbriar OBGYN in fairfax and plan to deliver at fair oaks....I'm high risk and my specialize recommended them
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  • I delivered in manassas last time and hoping for Haymarket this time based on ease of travel. I use pwobgyn. They have completely new staff and new offices in the novant building. They aren't delivering there yet as they need one more MD to bounce between the two hospitals. I spent a lot of time up at Fairfax pregnant with my first one.
    Good hospital but a drive!
  • Hello. I just delivered my second at Novant Haymarket in June. The nurses were outstanding and it was a wonderful experience. They are not very busy yet being a new hospital so you really get a personal experience. I have heard that Inova fairfax can be a little cold due to the high number of deliveries every day. I highly recommend Lake Manassas Women's Health (Dr Liao & Dr Ing in particular) They delivered both of my children. They are wonderful Drs and great people. Very caring, personable and the Drs have great personalities.
  • INOVA Fairfax is wonderful. I live just south of Gainesville & this will be my third delivery there. The staff is warm & caring. All rooms are private, they are opening a new Woman's & Children 's hospital in January. I go to Andersen, Mannavi, Yoon & Kinder in Fairfax. Best of luck to you!
  • Had my baby 2 weeks ago at Fair Oaks and it was awful.  Waited for 2 hours in the waiting room when I arrived before they could get me in a room.  I had 5-6 different nurses during the 9 hours  I was in labor all of them had their own opinions and thoughts on what my labor experience should be.  They kept telling me they didn't have enough nurses and I never felt safe. Renee was the most amazing nurse but she was only my nurse for an hour before someone else took over.  My doctor almost missed the delivery.  After I had the baby they forced me to breastfeed, wouldn't let my family come see me or the baby and took forever to get me pain medications.  The postpartum nurses were much nicer and attentive but pushed me out the door at 11 because they started a new thing where patients had to go home by 11am so that they could reduce the number of nurses they needed during the shift.  I really needed help breastfeeding but was told I had to leave.  Inova Fair Oaks was highly recommended by friends and family but I was very disappointed with my experience.  Maybe next time I will go to Alexandria.  
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