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Tuesday Twin Check In 5-26


Twin Type (Identical/Fraternal/etc):


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GTKY: What is your birth plan? How do you honestly feel about delivering twins?

Re: Tuesday Twin Check In 5-26

  • Week: 36 full-term and soooo done

    Twin Type: Fraternal girls

    Symptoms: oh gosh, what's isn't happening in this body? Sore hips, sore pelvis, major water retention, trouble sleeping....

    Appointments: OB this Thursday and ultrasound Friday

    Questions, comments, complaints, concerns: anyone find their babies aren't moving too much? I feel them each at least once a day but sometimes I get scared it's not often enough. But not scared enough to head to l&d because that's just a huge waste of my time!

    GTKY: hmmm my birth plan is to try and deliver vaginally but with an epidural. I'm in no way opposed to a c/s if that comes up. I'm nervous about them turning baby B and labour stopping after I push baby A out.
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  • Week/Fruits: 36.3wks.

    Twin Type (Identical/Fraternal/etc): fraternal boys

    Symptoms: Some BH's but only here and there. Belly feeling heavy and achy hips

    Appointment AW: tomorrow my last appt!! Wahoo!!!!

    Questions/Comments/Complaints/Concerns: I'm so ready it's not funny! My babies definitely are always moving! Especially B because he has more fluid. When A moves it's down below and I feel like he's trying to escape.

    GTKY: What is your birth plan? How do you honestly feel about delivering twins? I am scheduled for csection on Monday June 1st!! I'm nervous about the surgery but everything else I'm fine with. Just want them out already!
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  • vflor87vflor87 member
    Week/Fruits: 35

    Twin Type (Identical/Fraternal/etc): fraternal

    Symptoms: Just.. big.. everything is big LOL

    Appointment AW: I have an NST in 2 days & appt next wk

    Questions/Comments/Complaints/Concerns: I can only imagine that the 36 weekers are done. Hell, I'm ready to not be pregnant any more, too haha

    GTKY: What is your birth plan? How do you honestly feel about delivering twins?

    We're going to aim for vaginal since we had our son that way & A is vertex but B is breech so we're hoping B will turn or that we'll be able to deliver breech.

    @mamameghan My twins still move around but definitely not as much as as they used to! I'venoticed a huge decrease in movement in the last few days. We have a doppler that I use at home when I get nervous.
  • 47923ang47923ang member
    edited May 2015
    Week: 35+5 

     Fraternal team green (I think boys, but am hoping for one of each) 

     Symptoms: surprised by my lack of symptoms. I do pee a lot, I get a little sore in the morning when I wake up, shortness of breath. But overall, I feel really good. 

     Appointment: had an nst today, all was good. Also weekly check up today that included a cervix check. Holy hell, I was surprised at how much that hurt. I think I'm glad I'm having a c section. Oh, my cervix is totally closed (doc said I have a "cervix of steel"). Scheduled section June 11 (38 weeks) 

     Comments: it seems like we twin mamas are dropping like flies in the last few weeks. Not many of us left?? Also, I'm NOT ready to get these babes out of me yet. June 11 is soon enough. :) 

     Birth plan: whatever the doc says needs done, I'm on board. No real plan but to go with the flow. 

     I'm not nervous about delivering twins, I'm nervous about being home with twins! FTM, and I have NO concept of how hard it's going to be.
  • Week/Fruits: 35w5d (coconuts)

    Twin Type: Fraternal team green

    Symptoms: Typical pregnancy symptoms, otherwise feeling relatively good. Can't complain.

    Appointment AW: Fridays. So far, so good other than babies are both breech. Not many appointments left though!

    Questions/Comments/Complaints/Concerns: I agree, not many of us twin mommas left! It's encouraging to see updates of those who have had their twins and everyone is doing well. Hoping for a limited NICU stay, if any! :) Also, I cannot wait to see what we are having, as we are team green. Even though it was a looooong time to wait, I am so happy that we made it!

    GTKY: What is your birth plan? How do you honestly feel about delivering twins?: Planned C-section on June 12th. I agree, it's not the delivering that I'm nervous for... it's caring for two newborns!
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  • vflor87vflor87 member
    @vanproos Woo hoo! Another fraternal team green mama lol It's been fun not finding out the sexes but just makes us that much more excited about d-day.

    I definitely see less twin mama posts these days, but I'm kind if glad to stick to our little twin mama group. Whenever I browse through the other posts in our birth club, I see a lot of nasty or rude comments. We've never had to worry about that here!
  • I'm actually happy to still be part of the twin club too! I was really worried about a long NICU stay so making it to full-term makes me happy! Of course they can be born anytime now and I'll be happy but now when they'll be born we should have 2 healthy babies :)
  • jesscmvjesscmv member
    Keep it up ladies! I keep checking to see when your twins are gonna arrive! They are such a blessing and can't wait for you guys to experience it too :) two is definitely better than one ;)
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