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Lint and gunk between toes. Gross!

First time mom here with a beautiful 9-month old baby girl.

When my girl was younger she always had a bunch of lint and
gunk between her toes and fingers. The toes were especially nasty! Does that
happen to yours too?

After testing different materials and shapes, I’ve made a
small ‘wand’ that cleans out these little crevices easily and without tickling.
It works so well that I’ve considered selling it as a product on Amazon when
things calm down in a year or so. I’m not so sure though if other mom’s would actually
find it useful. Maybe I’m just weird!

If a product existed that easily cleaned the lint out of
babies’ toes and fingers, would you find it useful? Why or why not?  

Re: Lint and gunk between toes. Gross!

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