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Can the heartbeat tell you the gender?

We had our first sono at 11 weeks and got the baby's heartbeat it was 171, the nurse said it was good. I googled to see if you could tell the sex by the heartbeat. Has anyone else heard this?

Re: Can the heartbeat tell you the gender?

  • ZoeH3ZoeH3 member
    An old wives tale is if it's over 140 it's a girl and if it's under 140 it's a boy. My doctor predicted girl by the heart beat and she was correct! Some say it's been proven incorrect, but my doctor believed it, so I typically do too.
  • My Sons heart beat was in the 150s.
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  • Both my boys were over 140.
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  • I would predict girl :) it had been right for me all three times!
  • I though over 150 was girl and under 150 was boy.
  • ash413ash413 member
    At my 8 and 11 week us HR was 168. Genetic testing showed we are having a boy.
  • It doesn't work. With my third baby heart rate was mid 160s he was a boy, this baby heart rate high 160-low170s it's a girl. But it's always fun to guess :)
  • For what it's worth, in my first pregnancy everyone told me they thought I was having a girl because of x,y and z and so I thought I was...doc said she guessed it was a boy based on heartbeat (think the 140s) and she was right! My mom said that is how they guessed sex before sonograms and it was spot on for me and my 2 brothers! Obviously, it is not 100% accurate and I wouldn't make any purchases based on it, but it is fun to watch and see!
  • Week 8, baby's heart beat was in the high 170's. Week 10, baby's heartbeat was in the 170's. Week 12, baby's heart beat was 164 & while we were there the Ultrasound tech predicted it's a boy (she said she's 80% sure) because we were able to get a crouch shot however this was the week where the baby's private parts start developing and I have read that even the girls could look like boys due to swelling but I will know in a few weeks if it's a boy or girl! If it's a boy, then that old wives tale is WRONG because my baby's heartbeat has been high this whole time.
  • rox7777rox7777 member
    DS1 had a heartbeat in the 120-140s range, DS2 has a heartbeat that ranges between 160-175.
  • Gapeach83Gapeach83 member
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    DD1 was under 140 so wrong
    DD2 was 150-160 right
    That's a 50/50 chance
  • DS was 173 and he is all boy
    This LO we just found out is a girl and hers was 154 so pretty much wrong for both!
  • tayzavtayzav member
    Mine was 150 and she's a she.
  • From another board but....
    My first sons heart beat was 167 and would go up to 176 the entire pregnancy. And this baby boy is 158 bpm and it stays around 158-162 !
  • mamavbsmamavbs member
    It's been proven scientifically that this is just an old wives tale and is no more reliable than flipping a coin, so it's a bit worrying that a doctor would believe it. fetal heart rate decreases throughout pregnancy, naturally. Also it would depend on factors such as if the baby is sleeping or has just had a crazy time trampolining in there (the same way our heart rates get faster and slower depending on what we are up to). Studies showed that the only truth in this, can be seen during the labour stage. And again, it's sketchy studying as the outside factors such as type of labour and fetal distress can affect it.

    It can be fun to guess this way, and you've got a 50% chance of being right! But I wouldn't get hopes up or start shopping just on heart rates!
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    Didn't work for me. Baby heart rate has been between 137- 140 . Gender Scan at 15w4 - it's baby girl #5 .
  • kmd91kmd91 member
    It's wrong for me. Obviously it's bound to be right for some, since you're looking at 50-50 odds of any random thing you pick being a gender predictor.
  • evkmcevkmc member
    No it didn't work for me. Both kids were around 163, first child was a girl, second boy.
  • Team green this time so not sure hut heart beat is around 140-160 so far. My sons rate was always high 160-180. Flip a coin:)
  • I doubt there is anything in it, although I wish there was - I'm desperate to know! I'm 15 weeks tomorrow, babies heart rate with the doppler is pretty much consistently 150. Only 5 more weeks to go until we find out!
  • If we had gone by that, our little man would be a little lady since the heart rate has always been 171-169.  However, he is for sure a little man.

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  • Nope. You cannot tell. My DDs heartrate ranged from 113 to 170ish (depending on her gestational age and if she was active or resting). This one is a boy and he has followed a similar range so far.

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  • My daughter's heartbeat was in the 160s and this one, which is a boy, is exactly the same.....old wive's tale.
  • mamax6mamax6 member
    My boys have always been high and girls lower. It is the same this time too. Interesting to see the mix of results based on it though.
  • We are having a boy and his heartbeat was in the 170's until about 15 weeks where it has began to decrease. He is now steadily in the 150's.
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