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chlomid round 3

I took my 3rd round of chlomid this month. If it doesnt work the doctor is sending me to a specialist. Ive been more tired and a lot hungrier this round than other rounds.. anyone have those symptoms? I took Chlomid the 3rd to 8th this month and i am thinking of getting a pregnancy test but i dont think i am because i dont really have any other indicators... does anyone else have tired and constant eating side effects with Chlomid?

Re: chlomid round 3

  • What day are you on?
  • Today is day 25 but ive been this way for about 4 or 5 days now.. just constantly eating and sleeping. I didnt feel like this the last few months while on Chlomid but have no other symptoms or feel odd or anything...
  • I got pregnant on round 3 of clomid!! I wish you lots of luck! I had a very weird third round - I was sure it didn't work, but it turned out I just ovulated two weeks later than the previous two rounds.
  • I was really tired, had pains in my legs and cramping! Clomid is rough man. To top it off, I gained about 10 pounds (living the dream!).  I am certain if/when succesful, it will be worth it! Hang in there!!
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