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I am expecting my first and my ob delivers at Suburban Mercy in East Norriton. ?Does anyone have any experiences (good or bad) with them?

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  • Who is your OB?

    Ehhh i haven't heard good things about that hospital. if you aren't totally thrilled with your doctor- i would find a doc that delievers at Bryn Mawr instead. I could recommend my OB who is in King of prussia.

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  • I agree...I haven't heard good things either.  I don't know anyone who has given birth there, but know people who have had difficulty with outpatient procedures.  And they don't have any specialty pediatric units.  I also live in East Norriton, about 2 miles from the hospital, but I am choosing to have my baby delivered at Grand View Hospital in Sellersville, further, but better care.  Good luck!
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  • I actually work there, and have heard both good and bad. A friend of mine who recently (6mos ago) delivered there said she had an excellent experience up until the day after. At that point she felt that she was forgotten about and left to fend for herself.  All of my other co-workers who have had babies there (about 4 of them) have said nothing but good things. So I guess 4 out of 5 ain't bad. (even if they are all sorta bias). If you feel more comfortable going with a different doctor I say go for it.
  • I actually delivered at Mercy Suburban about 2 1/2 months ago. I had a wonderful experience! I was treated awesome there!  I would definitely recommend Mercy Suburban over Montgomery anyday!!!! My sister inlaw had her daughter at Montgomery and she had the WORST experience ever! I got real grossed out when i went to see just seems really dirty in there! But Mercy was awesome! The nurses knew exactly what i wanted when i wanted it! I have never heard anything bad about it! They were so nice there that instead of rooming me with another person like ever other woman has to do in their recovery rooms i got my own room and it was HUGE!!!! I felt VERY WELL taken care of! If i have another baby i will most definitely delivery at mercy!
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