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37 weeks and frustrated with everything

Have had enough of being pregnant and had enough of people. I've had severe morning sickness from 4 weeks and I'm still vomiting daily which has taken a huge toll on me physically and mentally and I've gotten to the point I just want to scream and cry all the time. Feel like no one understands how hard it's been, I gave up my job at 12 weeks as I was too sick and have been stuck at home since then. My friends that have kids haven't been any real support as they don't really understand just how sick I've been, I try to talk to them about it and they compare their pregnancy or make me feel bad about complaining. Sometimes I just want someone to listen to me while I complain that I've been throwing up non stop for days! Or a hug! My best friend of 14 years stopped talking to me in February for reasons I still don't know and it's been so hard not having her to talk to. I love my partner but I just wish he'd step up a bit more and help out. Feel like I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders and no help or support.
I'm hoping the way I'm feeling will pass and once my princess is here I can start to feel like a person again and start building myself back together.
I feel so awful complaining when I should be grateful that I have a beautiful miracle growing inside me but it has been the hardest 9 months of my life and getting so near to the end of it all my coping mechanisms are diminishing.

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  • I think you need to deal with these feelings now before bub comes along otherwise I think this will have the potential to manifest it's self and make the next phase really difficult. I don't know how you should deal with it, counsellor, writing down your thoughts & burning them, yoga, swimming anything but everything is goig to become more severe and extreme I think when you have hormones raging, sleep deprivation and a feeling of being in an the deep end.

    Good luck, I hope you can find what will help but don't continue on like this. You've taken a big step talking about it.
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  • Hang on in there honey. I definitely know exactly how you feel. This has been the loneliest pregnancy for me..I mean, I still have friends around and they try their best to act interested but at the end of the day with me being tired all the time, with leg cramps that have me walking like I'm 80 and not able to partake in alcoholic beverages my social calendar is non existent to say the least. I spend a lot of time alone with time to think and feel pretty down most of the time and no one really gets it even when i do express myself..All I can say is hang in there you're almost at the end of the tunnel where a beautiful baby is waiting for you :-)
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    @klkonwi yes. Just YES.
  • So sorry you are having such a rough time. I agree with finding someone to talk to like a counselor. A friend of mine is havin g a similar pregnancy as you and throwing up daily multiple times a day and I know she is just miserable :/

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    This must be the kind of support your looking for ?!
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    My solution is funny gifs....this will so be my kid and when it happens I'm gonna be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Seriously I don't think mommy panic ever ends. Don't expect to get your baby and be all good again. Prepare for anxiety now, if that means support from a professional or friends and family then that's what it means.

    Also remember that your princess beautiful miricle or what're you call her will at some point disappoint you, shit or puss all over you, piss you off and make you want to die. Don't put so much pressure on the kids presence to be the notice that makes everything better...she won't. So get help.
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  • @btm013 totally! The lack of compassion makes me sad. Your response was perfect. I find when I hit a brick wall walks work very well.

    Best of luck to you @skye3110 , if you live in So Cal message me and I can go on a walk with you. ;)
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    Have you spoken to your doctor about how much you're throwing up? Because it sounds like Hyperemesis Graviderum (look it up) and that can be extremely serious. I'm surprised you've apparently gone this long without treatment, though there isn't much that can be done now. Ask about Zofran.

    ETA: I absolutely get how you feel, HG really does take a huge toll mentally as well as physically, especially when no one gets that it isn't just morning sickness. Still, I can't diagnose you, so you need to talk to your doctor. Keep track of your vomiting in case he doesn't initially take you seriously (sadly, this happens a lot, too) so you can get whatever treatment is appropriate for you at this time. Also seek counselling if you need it, don't just expect all the negative emotions to go away once you've delivered. Good luck.
  • I came on here yesterday in the hope of finding some form of support and understanding and instead I ended up feeling worse than to begin with.
    I don't have much of a support system and I tried to reach out to people I thought may understand and support rather than shut people down and make them feel bad about themselves.
    I'm well aware of hyperemesis graviderum, I was told I had it at 8 weeks and have tried every treatment possible and nothing really has helped. I am seeing doctors and councillers but seeing I live in a small country town in Australia I was recommended to go online to connect with people that may understand being no one has even heard of HG here before.
    Thank you to those that had kind words, I really do appreciate it in the midst of the negative.
    We should be supporting each other not tearing each other down and making people feel worse when they're already pretty fragile.
    It's been made pretty clear I've come to the wrong place for support and friendship.
  • Can we leave this poor girl alone and let the thread die? Is salt on the wound necessary?
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