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Twin M/C

Hi ladies,
I've searched and read everything I can find about M/C with Cytotec.  I can't seem to find any experiences with twins.  I had 2 IVF embryos transferred 4/15/15.  Last Sunday I had a natural M/C that sent me to the ER.  Lost lots of blood, several large clots and I'm fairly certain of the moment I passed the gestational sac (although I didn't know what it was at the time).  Process lasted about 10 hrs followed by light bleeding for about about 24 hrs.  While it was terrifying and I was shaky and nauseated at times I can't say the cramping was painful.  I never took any pain medication.  In the ER I had 1 baby still present on U/S with a heartbeat, measuring at 6w6d, although I was supposed to be at 7w3d.  

On Thurs there was no longer a heartbeat and I was given a prescription for Cytotec to induce the 2nd M/C.  I was told the experience would likely be worse that the natural miscarriage.  I took the Cytotec at 5:30pm yesterday.  Over the course of 8 hours after taking the Cytotec (4 pills vaginally) I did have severe bleeding and passed several large clots (at least 10-12).  I did take 3 Vicodin during that time and had uncomfortable cramping, but not terrible, so I would say the cramping was stronger than the natural M/C.  My concern is that I didn't have a distinctive moment that I'm sure I passed an additional sac and I think there was a bit less bleeding than the first M/C.  I'm hoping that is because I passed most of the material on Sunday.  I was a lot more calm during the 2nd experience (since I was expecting it) so I'm not 100% sure if things seemed less severe or if it really was.  I don't want to have a D & C if possible.  I have had 2 surgeries in the last year and plan on attempting another IVF cycle, so I would like to reduce scar tissue.  I know there is no way of know if everything has passed until I have an U/S, but I was hoping maybe someone had a similar experience.

Re: Twin M/C

  • I'm so sorry for your loss! I've not been pregnant with twins, but I've had two mmc that both got treated with cytotec. With one mmc the baby measured right around 6-7w and I could not tell when or if I had passed everything. I never saw anything looking like a sac either. But my follow up us a week after showed that all had passed. I hope everything went as it should for you and that you'll soon have your rainbow baby.
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