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Milk flowing less/best formula?

My Jrue is 3 months and I use to pump about 8 oz per breast a session. Since I have returned back to work, I'm only getting about 4oz per breast a session. I also have slacked, only pumping 2-3 times a day. What can I do to get my milk flowing again? And what is the best formula can I introduce my baby to? Thank you.

Re: Milk flowing less/best formula?

  • You can increase your milk by increasing the demand, wither by pumping or nursing more frequently. I would check with your pediatrician about which formula to try.
  • Add another pump session in there and make sure you're staying hydrated. I would hold off on the formula since it will undermine your milk supply. Are you breastfeeding when you are with your baby? Putting baby to the breast more often will also increase your supply.
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