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Good day, ladies!  I wanted to share the site I bought my wipes fabric from in case others are looking in to doing this and wondering about some options out there.  I corresponded with the woman at the company and asked for a recommendation on what fabric would be 1) unbleached, organic cotton 2) the type of fabric that could be cut without fraying (I didn't want to sew a million little edges).  I bought two yards and cut it into 8x8 squares and it made like 70 wipes or something crazy like that.  Needless to say, two yards was plenty!

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  • What do you use for the solution to wet the wipes? Sorry, I'm new to this forum and I really want to do this!
  • I haven't actually used anything yet as I am a FTM about to hatch in July.  I plan on using an aloe, witch hazel, castile soap and some essential oils.  
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  • I've made my wipes out of terry cloth and recycled flannelette (from a sheet). Just tipping some warm water over them as I need them and will add a little coconut oil if I feel is needed.
  • Have you washed them a couple times yet? I know baby probably hasn't made an appearance yet... but was curious if you were having any rolling edge problem (which can be an issue with knit fabrics).

    We ended up liking single layer flannel wipes best with my son, so we've made 60 for my daughter. Love them!
  • I'm going to make mine from worn-out t-shirts.  You can serge the edges if you have a machine.  If you cut them with pinking shears, that might help stop the rolling.  
  • I bought 5 packs of about 16 small washcloths from Amazon for about 6.00 each. I use water, coconut oil, and a dash of his honest company bodywash. All the ladies at the daycare where amazed with them and asking how they are able to keep moist throughout the week in the pampers wipe box lol. I love my cloth wipes! Especially now with the solid poos, they are so much better at getting LO clean with just one wipe versus the two-three disposable wipes it would take. 
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