Natural birth with twins?

I would like some input on anyone who delivered natural for twins. I want to know what to expect this time around. My second baby was natural- also a VBAC, so I'm hoping it won't be too different from that. Little worried about there being two and praying for them to be in the right position when the time comes in November. 

Re: Natural birth with twins?

  • rue:Drue:D member
    There was a thread posted sometime in the past about this, I think. I know some people said they were able to deliver both babies vaginally, and some were able to deliver one and then had to have a c-section for the other. Just depends on the babies and your doctor. Personally, I plan on asking for a c-section as I don't want to chance having to recover from both!
  • Hi! 5 weeks ago I had twin girls vaginally without pain meds. They were both head down and cooperated beautifully. It can happen!
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  • EmJ628EmJ628 member
    Ask your doc about their policy / preference for epidural. Mine told me I would have one no matter what (which I was fine with bc I wanted one anyway). Of course you can always refuse but they may have a strong preference. My doctor's Reason being if you end up having to resort to a c section they would have to give you general anthestisia if you did not have an epidural.
  • jnkanejnkane member
    I had my twins vaginally 4 weeks ago. It was required by my hospital to deliver in the OR in case of needing an emergency csection and I had to have an epidural placed (they do not have to actually put any meds into it..although I did). Both of my girls were head down and delivered 40 minutes apart (had to break Bs water). I also had one doctor "hold" B in place from outside my belly in attempt to keep her head down although I'm not sure if that helped or not. Best of luck! I hope your delivery goes as you plan!
  • jboyddr3423jboyddr3423 member
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    I had my twins vaginally 6 minutes apart and one was breech. I did get an epidural just because of the fact that baby b was breech and we knew that they were going to have help me along. Everything went beautifully and the recovery wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I'm a FTM and didn't know what to expect. Best of luck!
  • I had my twin girls both vaginally. They were 5 minutes apart. Hospital required me to have them in the OR just in case. I was induced and ended up having an epidural but they didn't require that.. I ended up asking for one after five days of induction lol!!!
  • spoonlegspoonleg member
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    I had baby A naturally without any medication/epidural. Baby B had to be delivered by c-section because he was straddling my cervix and wouldn't budge. 
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  • I just delivered my twins on 6/16, I was induced & had an epidural. I also had to deliver in the OR just in case but both were born vaginally weighing 6lbs13oz & 7lbs5oz. They were born 5 mins apart.
  • I had my twins vaginally and didn't have an epidural. Baby a came out perfect and was super easy Baby B was breech and hurt like hell! But both healthy and I did fine!
  • kr1814kr1814 member
    I had my girls vaginally in April.  They were 14 min apart and the recovery was very easy. 
  • I'm also hoping for a natural vaginal birth with my twins in November! I know the "policy" is to have you in the OR with an epidural, but I plan to have some discussions with my doc about this. If both babies are head down I'm insisting on staying in the labor room.
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