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How do you deal with the bulk of one size CD v. sized/fitteds?

I'm strongly considering cloth diapering for my first baby, due in Sept.  So far, I seem to like the pocket diapers with snaps the most.  However, I'm curious about sizing.  Most of the diapers I've seen are one size fits all, and I understand the money saving aspect of this.  To me, though, I can't imagine myself wearing SO much extra fabric proportional to my body.  I'd also be concerned about baby getting too hot with all the extra fabric, not to mention the bulk.  I hate to be vain when cloth diapering is supposed to be about the environment, but that's what I'm thinking.  I've heard it's wise to do disposables for the first few months cause of being so overwhelmed with a new baby, anyway.  If you didn't do CD from birth, when did you start?  Did you use sized CD and if so which brands?
Thank you!

Re: How do you deal with the bulk of one size CD v. sized/fitteds?

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    I started using OS aios (bg elemental old style when my son was 5 weeks old and probably around 8 - 9 lbs). We used newborn sized diapers before then, and would highly recommend doing so!

    Our favorite newborn diapers are simplex aios and prefolds/flats and covers. :)
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