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Help adjusting to a move

Hi all.  I am moving out of state for work by July 1.  DS8 mos is currently in day care and is doing really well.  He responds well to to women that watch him and has a great routine.  DS2 is in a curriculum based day care / pre-school and he absolutly loves it.  He gets so excited to see his teachers, friends, etc.  Every morning when we turn on the road to his school, he yells "My school! Yeay!" from the backseat.

DH and I haven't told the kids yet that we are moving.  They will both be going into curriculum day care at our new location.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the transition easier on them, especially the 2 year old? I've never seen anyone so excited to go to school and I'm afraid we are going to break his heart.

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