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1 week old, watery poops. Normal?

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FTM and we have noticed that his poop is never solid, always watery. No strange colors (it's usually brown/green). I just want to be sure this is normal. I'm going to call his doctor about it tomorrow but I was just curious about other mom's opinions.

Re: 1 week old, watery poops. Normal?

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    Totally normal if you are breastfeeding!, I don't know about formula fed though....
  • Yep, usually pretty normal. Poop is weird for the first few weeks.


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  • But good idea to call the Pedi anyways.


  • Are you breastfeeding?
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  • Mine had the same thing. I was afraid it was diarrhea and she'd get dehydrated. The doctor said its fine unless they get a fever, don't eat, or have fewer than 4 wet diapers a day. Hope that helps!
  • Yes, bf babies poop is always runny, never solid. It doesn't get solid until they start solids. Also green poop can mean they are getting too much foremilk, their poop should be more yellow by then.
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