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Looking for OB that delivers in Memorial Regional

Hello- I'm new to the Hollywood area and I'm 8 weeks pregnant. I'm looking for an OB. I went to a practice highly recommended by a friend today for bloodwork. I felt like I was being herded like cattle, bathroom seemed dirty. any suggestions? Or this that normal for OBs here?

Re: Looking for OB that delivers in Memorial Regional

  • Where did you go? I live in Hollywood as well and I go to Dr. Jesica Shienbaum. She's been my regular gyno for several years and I've seeing her for my pregnancy. She delivers at Memorial Regional. I like her and I feel pretty comfortable with the office. It does seem like most doctors I've seen in south Florida are somewhat rushed though...maybe it's common practice for them to overbook appointments here?
  • I went to Dr. Davila's practice in Memorial Regional. I'm trying to keep an open mind since I haven't actually met the doctor yet. I'll meet her on 5/26. I'm going to look into your doctor too. Do you know if the majority of her patients are private insurance or Medicaid patients? I'm wondering if the crazy rush at my doc's office is because they overbook like you said?
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  • I think most of her patients are private insurance...I have United now and I used to have Blue Cross so I know they take both of those.
  • Hi I am going to Susan Davila and I'm not fully satisfied. She's always stressed out and I don't really feel like I can talk to her. The actual office isn't that nice either.
    I'll probably try Jessica shienbaum mentioned above unless anyone else has a better recommendation. I don't know how late you can switch though. I'm 17 weeks...
  • I got to Dr. Elizabeth Fernandez and her office is at Memorial Regional. I am super happy with her and the whole office. The wait times are sometimes long, but every time I go she spends time with me and answers all my questions and is never rushed.

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