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Bigger Bottles?

I have 8 month old twins.  At their bedtime feeding, they have been eating between 9 and 11 ounces.  The biggest bottles I have been able to find are 11 ounces.  I really don't want to make each baby 2 bottles before bed because I already wash so many.  Has anyone else had this issue or have any suggestions?

Re: Bigger Bottles?

  • Hi, are you doing any solids? It might be worth it to try if you're not. We give our little guy 5-6 oz of breastmilk right at bedtime in a bottle and a pouch of the fruit with grains about 30 min before bedtime and that has seemed to really help. If you really just want a bigger bottle, they make nipples that can be screwed onto 15-20oz water bottles. They sell them at BuyBuyBaby. I think they're meant to be used for when you're traveling but it might work for you and they're cheaper than buying new bottles when you're nearing the end of the bottle stage anyway.
  • Thanks! I do feed solids and we have added an extra meal of solids throughout the day. That has seemed to help. 11 ounces at bedtime is now the exception and they are drinking between 6 and 8 before falling asleep. I am going to check out those other nipples too just in case we need them. Again, thanks for the suggestions.
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