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New (child and loss mentioned)

Hi, all.  Long story short: I'm 33 and have 1 living child and 3 miscarriages.  One miscarriage was while on Clomid.  I've taken Clomid (50 mg) several times and then 100 mg this month (I had 3 follicles) and have taken the HCG shot 3 times.  This month, I was hopeful since there were 3 follicles.  However, I'm getting nothing.  I still have a week but I've always been able to tell early.  My doctor said I will have the dye put in to see if my tubes are blocked once I have my period.  Has anyone experienced any of this?

Re: New (child and loss mentioned)

  • Hello, and I am so sorry for your losses.   Many of us have taken fertility meds and had an HSG.    Sadly it appears that your doctor put the cart before the horse by giving you fertility meds before testing!    My guess is that you're seeing an OBGYN?   This is common practice for them and entirely the incorrect way to do things, for reasons that others might want to jump in to explain.

    After three losses you definitely need to insist on a full infertility workup.   This would include screening for MTHFR,  low progesterone, or other issues that can cause recurrent losses.  I'm not trying to alarm you but it sounds like your doctor might need a second look.

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    welcome.  New here as well.  Ditto pp, after 3 losses, I would request a loss panel. 
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    Oh, this. So much this. Please stop, do not take any more clomid or fertility treatments from your obgyn and immediately get a referral to an RE. Your OB has already proven that he or she doesn't follow proper infertility protocol by giving you clomid, a very powerful drug with side effects that can impact future fertility, without giving you a full workup. All of the clomid in the world won't matter if you have a blocked tube, a uterine issue, your partner has a male fertility issue or you have a wealth of other hormonal issues that are contributing to miscarriages that your OB will be frankly clueless about. You can also only use it six times in your life, so if there are other issues preventing you from carrying to term but you also need help with ovulation, you'll soon be needing to look for different options. 

    Don't feel bad though. Many women don't know that they shouldn't use their OB for fertility treatments. But please get the care you need to get a healthy pregnancy. Your OB cannot do that.
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