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How many diaper covers??

I'm planning to use a local diaper service for a weekly drop-off/pick-up of prefold diapers (graciously gifted by my in-laws). I know I'll need a stash of diaper covers for the prefolds and I have started to add some to my registry as well as pick up a few myself. We plan on cloth diapering from the hospital onward, and using them when baby goes to daycare as well, so I know I'll need extras to send with baby each morning.

I'm wondering how many covers I will need in my stash? AND how many covers per size - newborn, medium, large, etc? 

Re: How many diaper covers??

  • We started with 3 newborn and 3 thirsties size 1. The size 1 worked well when he was too big for newborn and too small for one size diapers.

    Check with your daycare. Many won't do prefolds but will use pockets or AIOs.
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  • @Chichigo luckily I checked with the daycare we plan to use and they allow prefolds! How often do you do laundry with three covers?
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  • We rented newborn covers from a diaper service. We had 4 of those, 1 size one thirsties and 1 one size rumparoos (which took a while to fit). Our service recommended no fewer than 4 covers (laundering every other or every 2 days) and that 6-8 covers worked for most of their clients. Until just recently, when I bought some flips, we had 6 covers and never felt like we were running out of clean covers.
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