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Offering to be my sister's surrogate

Not sure if this would be the place to discuss this, but here goes:
My younger sister gave birth to her son on April 5th, and everything seemed to go well, completely uncomplicated labor and delivery. 
But three weeks later she collapsed and it was discovered she had sepsis and would require a subtotal hysterectomy, the doctors thinking that her right ovary was infection free and could be saved. 
Until last Friday when, after recurring fevers and continued high WBC, it was decided her right ovary was also infected, and it also was removed. 
Now my sister is unable to have children, and is understandably crushed. 
This was her first and only pregnancy, she is young and should by all rights have many years ahead of her to have children, and now she can't. 
I'm a nurse in an OBGYN office, and I see couples struggling with infertility regularly. 
I can't imagine the pain and heartache that they're going through. 
My sister and her SO had expressed the desire to have more children after their son was born. 
When we found out she was going to lose her remaining ovary, I didn't have a second thought about the possibility of offering to be my sister's surrogate. 
I have already had one uncomplicated pregnancy, I am married and have a stable home and work life, and understand the medical risks from dealing with surrogates at work. 
But I still have concerns, especially with starting the conversation with my sister, who is finally on the mend and being released today, but is going to be healing for a long time after everything that happened to her. 
Any and all advice is welcome.
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Re: Offering to be my sister's surrogate

  • DaddyMxDaddyMx member
    Hi, I will be single father by choice through a surrogacy journey. I think what you are thinking to do is great, but if I can advice you I will wait as you wrote for her to heal emotionally and physically; adapt to her newborn and also mourn the loss of her "reproductive-life". I suffered from IMF who lead me to surrogacy but I had a time to mourn that in a "normal" way I was not supposed to have my children. Then as she develops you can suggest her to become her surro or help her find other options like adoption. Time will tell... My prayer to her.
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