Scar tissue from section?

hi everyone! I have a little one that is 1 yr old. Had a section after 34 hrs of labor. No issues afterwards and felt great. We've been TTC for a few months- went back to our RE today and while doing an ultrasound he noted I have pretty significant scar tissue from what he thinks is the section. I'm in the 2 week window so I have to wait to get my period and then have a saline uktrasound/hsg. Anyone experienced this? It made me so nervous. He told me not to worry but that if/when I do get pregnant they would most likely do another section and do it early- 36 weeks due to the risk of uterine trauma. Definitely has me nervous
He mentioned pending the results he and my OB would talk to decide next steps. They usually don't do surgery to repair this?

Appreciate any insight anyone has!!
Thanks ladies
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