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32 weeks and think labor might be soon. Help!

i just hit 32 weeks and up to this point I have had no problems. But 4 days ago I started having back pain to where I can't sleep more than 4 hours a night and nothing is working the relieve the pain. I thought maybe it was just because my belly was getting too big but now I am not sure. Then today I started having clear gooey type discharge (sorry, gross!) and I can't help but think that means labor is coming soon. We recently moved due to my husbands job and my first doctors visit was nothing like the care I was receiving before. I go for a NST on Thursday so I will ask then but was hoping someone has experienced the same and can offer suggestions.

Re: 32 weeks and think labor might be soon. Help!

  • Hope all is going ok. I'm sorry I don't have any advice only maybe head to the hospital to be checked over
  • vpinevpine member
    I had back pain and the worst last 2 weeks (week 35-37) along with discharge, everytime I went to bathroom I thought water would break but I made it to 37 weeks...
    Me: 32, DH: 34.
    Trying since Jan 2011. Unexplained IF.
    2 IUIs = BFN.
    1 IVF (Dec 2013) = BFN.
    FET, 2 frosties (June 13, 2014)

    14dp5dt-June 27 -BFP, beta 2061. 2nd beta >5000, 3rd beta >5000, 2 sacs 06/30.
    Twin Girls - 02/11/15 - at 37 weeks (no NICU, home with me at 3 days).
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  • kcloyalkcloyal member
    Well that makes me feel better. I think I'm just nervous because my last doctor was amazing and I really don't get good answers from the new doctors office. And 32 weeks is a bit too early for my comfort.
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