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I need a refresh :)

Hi ladies, I'm due in late September with my 2nd, and am starting to prep a box/area off in my closet for my nursing stuff. I feel that with my first baby I did not have a clue what I was doing, and was terrible at nursing her despite the class I took from my hospital. Daughter was half on formula, half nursing daily from 3 Mos on ; (. My hope is to barely ever use formula with this baby. I need real mom advice as I am determined to do a better job of breastfeeding this time around! I want to create a crazy big freezer stash of bmilk! What are your "essentials" other than a boppy pillow, nursing bras and a good pump? Favorite soreness creams? Are there certain tank top/shirt brands you are most comfortable in, hands-free pump bras or any items in particular you love? Thanks ahead of time.

Re: I need a refresh :)

  • I actually liked the My Brest Friend pillow better than the Boppy. For nipple creams, I used Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter but found that expressed breast milk sometimes worked best. The hands free pumping bra I used was by Simple Wishes (available on Amazon). Good luck!!
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  • Just a quick intro - I've been on the bump since I was pg with dd, sort of dropped off for a while but now that I'm pg again I'm on more often again, although mainly lurking.

    My daughter is 2 next month and still bfing a couple times a day.
    Essentials for us when she was younger were to have snacks and drinks close at hand, and I just used one of our couch or bed pillows to support her as needed. For soreness, I actually found that an ice pack over the nursing bra and tank top provided the best relief. Best tank tops hands down are the Old Navy "tami" tanks. They're jersey cotton, nice stretch but retain their shape and pretty inexpensive, around $8 each. I love them.
    Good luck!
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