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Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Biggest toddler challenges...solved!

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Give yourself a (well-deserved) pat on the back for surviving the newborn period with baby! Don’t get too comfortable though - toddlerhood comes with it’s own unique and difficult challenges.

From temper tantrums to saying “no”, an expert shares tips on dealing with the tough stuff.

What was the biggest toddler challenge you’ve had to overcome?

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Re: Biggest toddler challenges...solved!

  • It's a toss up between sleep training and taking away the bottle.
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  • It's a toss up between sleep training and taking away the bottle.

    Those transitions are challenging! I hope you and LO are getting through it without too much trouble :) 
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  • We got through it one weekend road trip. I didn't bring bottles and he was so worn out that he slept in his crib. Though, we are reverting a little now that he's sick again. I gave all the bottles to my sister so it's no longer an option. He does good sleeping now unless he's sick or teething which seems like all the time. :)
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  • I do not know if we have overcome it, but on a daily basis, there is the challenge of how much independence to grant. My LO is walking and climbing and when we go places she wants to walk by herself and doesn't want to hold our hands. It is a struggle finding the balance. I have a feeling though that this struggle is going to take many different forms over the next 17 years.
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  • Sleep training was the biggest early toddlerhood challenge. Now discipline is our current challenge. Our toddler is going through a rebellious stage.
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    Mine is sleep training since he's turned 19 months he's refusing to take a good nap. Lol and I'm exhausted
  • ruthcp said:
    Mine is sleep training since he's turned 19 months he's refusing to take a good nap. Lol and I'm exhausted
    I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope our tips about making transitions help you and your LO :)
  • I'm really having problems trying to find the right way to "discipline." He is 15 months and just screams when he doesn't get his way. If I let him out of the stroller he runs and when I grab him he starts screaming and kicking. If he's in a public place and wants something he can't have again; more screaming! What can I do? What is appropriate discipline for his age? I know he can't understand me, but something's he can.
    Oh also, I try getting down to his level and explaining why he can't have something or why it is dangerous. He just laughs and continues on. It's such a struggle
  • Im dealing with the same thing. My son is 19 months now tho. Best thing I can say is be positive in your tone and firm. Stay consistent no matter what even in public. Its important. I never try to explian the why part because its exhausting and they don't usually understand anyway. When I say no to something I always say no to it. Not one day ignore it or let it slide. They are testing the boundaries at this age. So be firm but try to turn things into games or sing a silly song loudly. I always keep snacks in my purse in the car and that helps sometimes with tantrums. Also making sure nap time is the same or at least the same length of time slept helps my son stay in a better mood and more cooperative.
  • I need to find a way to get my 20 month old of pacifiers. He only uses them in his crib but the sleep association is engrained in his head. What can I do to get him off pacis? Cold turkey or slow weaning?

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  • My biggest problems are sleep training and discipline. She whines until she gets her way and throws many tantrums even in public! And she doesn't want to listen to me. I also regret not crib training her for when she was younger. She is almost 2 and always wants to be rocked and sleeps on her bed. I'm pregnant with my second baby and I'm loosing patience. I'm so so tired!!!
  • He is throwing tantrums! like if i do not let him do something because he can fall or etc then he will flip out and throw himself on the floor crying ....I've been told to ignore him instead of putting my attention to his tantrum...I am not sure if that's good or not but when I tried to ignore him it kinda worked where he stopped and stood up but kept crying. Hopefully it won't last too long -_-

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  • Calming it down from crying whenever he hear loud noises :/
  • My son is nearly 19 months old! I can't believe we survived this far lol. But I'm noticing the signs of our son being a toddler, like little tantrums now. We're trying to prepare ourselves.
  • When toddler start crying then your biggest challenge is start. :(
  • Sleep training is proving to be a challenge with my 18 month old. Trantrums have also started becoming a problem. helping families work from home
  • Nice to see I'm not alone here! Aside from sleep training and tantrum challenges, the other problem I'm having is getting my 15-month-old to eat anything substantial.
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    I need to find a way to get my 20 month old of pacifiers. He only uses them in his crib but the sleep association is engrained in his head. What can I do to get him off pacis? Cold turkey or slow weaning?
    My son was obsessed with his pacis too!  We cut the tip off the end of the paci to help him get rid of it.  Every other night we'd cut a little more off the end.  By cutting the paci it takes away that soothing sucking that they like so they actually give up the paci on their own.  I hope this helps!
  • I have currently have two toddlers. I have found that tantrums are the hardest thing to deal with. They drive me to my edge. That's why I've spent so much time researching how to calm them during a tantrum, and how to prevent them. If you need more help in dealing with toddler tantrums, read this blog that I wrote. 


    I have come by these tips with personal experience. They work most of the time, but sometimes it's just one of those days.
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    This has been my biggest parenting dilemma thus far. I hate to be the mom that goes to the grocery store with your 2 and 3 year old and they both throw a tantrum so bad you just wish the floor would open up and swallow you. Can anyone relate? So after many traumatic experiences, I decided to educate myself about behavior modification especially in this age group. This is the information that I used and thought was wonderful. It spoke about the use of both reinforcement and punishment to modify specific behaviors until you either introduce new ones or eliminate terrible ones. Behavioral Analyst that works with children also incorporate these techniques as well. The program that I am also signed up to and started doing is Positive Parenting Solution. Their techniques are really good as well. Their info is found at the bottom of the blog. Also check your local community programs or government programs to see if they are offering any free classes.  I am currently doing a 5 week free training course on toddler behavior with siblings and aggression. 

  • My toddlers has nutritional problems that can have immediate and long-term effects on her health, growth and development. Food allergies, iron deficiency, tooth decay and constipation are common in the early years. 
    really worried. please help.
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