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Biggest toddler challenges...solved!

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Give yourself a (well-deserved) pat on the back for surviving the newborn period with baby! Don’t get too comfortable though - toddlerhood comes with it’s own unique and difficult challenges.

From temper tantrums to saying “no”, an expert shares tips on dealing with the tough stuff.

What was the biggest toddler challenge you’ve had to overcome?

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Re: Biggest toddler challenges...solved!

  • Hitting!!
  • We are now going through one. My son does not like to be sitting in the car. My wife and I go for shopping a lot and there is not anyone to leave our baby with, so we take him with us. The problem is he starts crying as soon as we get in the car. Nothing we do seems to help; he will not stop crying all the way, while we are driving. It creates so many troubles because we travel by the car quite often. We still try to figure out how to solve this challenge.

  • Good to know!
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