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I'm on 4 patches and the pill of Estrace and I had an issue the other night with the pill staying inside I've never had this issue I just held it in there hoping that this worked and I just didn't screw it all up :( has anyone else had this issue?

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  • My RE only has me on patches in prep for my FET. The most I'm ever on is 4. I imagine you are getting most of it thru your patches. The vaginal estrogen sounds like a pain. Have you tried different locations? With progesterone, I can tuck it up next to my cervix.

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    Thanks for the help. I had tried other places last night it seemed to work better. :)
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  • With both FETs I did patches and for my 2nd FET suppositories were added. I may have had one or two that weren't placed well, but a foot on the toilet seat helped for placement.

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