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IVF, Gestational Carrier. Any experiences?

Hi, I hope it is ok to post here. I am sorry if this is not an appropriate place.

I have agreed to be a gestational carrier for a relative. They will book a consultation asap but I am trying to find out as much as I can before we meet with the clinic. (So I am better prepared and will hopefully know what questions to ask)

They were going to use an agency but I volunteered because we are in Canada and surrogates can be hard to find. (From what I heard) I don't think I am an ideal candidate for an agency but I am hoping the fertility clinic might have different rules. (Mainly age)

I read online there are greater risks of placenta accreta but the person I spoke to who has conceived through IVF had not been told that.

Does anyone have experience with this surrogacy?

Re: IVF, Gestational Carrier. Any experiences?

  • Hi!  That is so awesome of you to offer such a wonderful gift!  I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with twins via IVF as a surrogate for a couple through an agency.  I've had three easy pregnancies/births with my own kids and have always wanted to pay it forward.  We had four transfers with one egg donor and batch of embryos which all failed early, and then they switched egg donors and the next transfer was successful.  

    I've not heard of having a riskier pregnancy just due to the IVF.  Just reading about placenta accreta it sounds like if you have had a prior surgery on the uterus you may be more at risk to develop accreta.

    What questions do you have?  
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  • Thank you for responding. I have been away from the boards for a while. I sent you a PM. 

    At this point I am concerned with a few things. I am wondering how intensive and invasive the testing is before the IVF. I believe there will be a psycological test but I am not sure if it is more of an interview. I am hoping someone can tell me something about the tests. Also, I am wondering about what will happen after although I know that will vary. I imagine it would be a very emotional time
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  • Hi!  That is wonderful that you have offered to do that for your relatives.  It is such a gift.  We have a three month old boy, and my sister in law offered to be our GC.  We had a great experience overall.  She had to take a written personality test that took a couple of hours, and she and her husband had to attend counseling together and then with my husband and me.  Then there was an ultrasound and mock transfer before the real transfer, and of course you will have to be on the medications leading up to the transfer and the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, which of course is no fun.  

    As for the emotional aspects, I can't completely say how my SIL felt, but as far as I can tell, and from what she told me, she did not have a hard time turning the baby over to us.  She said she always felt as if she was taking care of the baby, and she felt (and still feels) the love of an aunt for a nephew, but nothing more.  She has two of her own children and said that emotionally, this pregnancy was very different.  

    Let me know if you have any questions or want to talk!
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