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Super distracted social baby

My DD loves getting out of the house and being out in public so much, that she will only snack, no whole feedings, until we go home. Today we were gone from 11am to 4pm and she never nursed more than 90 seconds at a time. She's a fast nurser these days, but not that fast!

My husband does the stay at home dad thing 3 days a week and she's done the same thing to him with the bottle.

If we only do this once a week, is it too much for her? I feel guilty, but I hate cutting my life into 2 hour chunks so she doesn't try to skip a meal.
Obviously, I wouldn't do this daily or even two days in a row. But I've turned down so many (what should be) baby friendly outings with friends over this already.

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Re: Super distracted social baby

  • Unless you're concerned about weight (is your child super small? is the dr concerned about her growth?), I don't think I'd worry too much. As long as you're offering the food, she won't starve herself. Babies at this age are easily distracted, but that doesn't mean she'll simply refuse to eat to the point of starvation. Have you tried finding a quiet, dim place to feed her where there are less distractions? If I'm at a friend's house, I try to find a quiet corner or a different room so that my LO won't have as many things to get distracted by. In public, I try to use a nursing cover, more for distraction blocking than for privacy.

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