I ask too many questions so I'm going to vent a little too. — The Bump
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I ask too many questions so I'm going to vent a little too.

My daughter is 5 months old and had some trouble with feeding when she was first born, but when she got the hang of it, she couldn't get enough of it. Now, she seems to be regressing. I had her up to 6 oz of formula. For some reason, suddenly, she wont drink as much. I figured she is needing some cereal, but that stuff is horrible. We were using Gerber Rice cereal. I think it hurts her tummy. She also jabbers and laughs, but doesn't make consonant sounds so at a four month assessment, she got the gray area in speech. My husbands response for everything that bothers me is, "Stop worrying!" or "She'll be ok." I've lost my job because I have a "weak personality." I got that job because I wanted out of retail and now it looks like I have to go back to it. Obamacare is too expensive so I'm having to go on government medical care and with my husbands job, he may as well just let them keep his paychecks to pay for healthcare. There is nothing affordable about the Affordable Care Act. Why does it have to be this way?????

Re: I ask too many questions so I'm going to vent a little too.

  • Sometimes babies will fluctuate with their food/bottle. They are growing. When they eat more is when they are going through a growth spurt. And the time between 4-6mths they are really just learning/practicing to eat cereal and foods. So until they get the hang of it, don't worry.

    I am finding it odd they graded her talking? We just had our 4mth check up and my daughter didn't say a peep and my docter didn't either. I don't recall drs saying anything for my other 3 girls either at that age. They are really just learning to coo and make noises at that age any how. So take your hubs advice and try not to worry. I know it is hard.

    And I hate that about your insurance. Yes Obamacare sucks!

    My feelings on asking alot of questions is if you have questions ask them. We are all here for support.
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  • Our Pedi didn't ask about babbling at the 4 month appts for either of my kids. That's odd to me and NOT something you should stress right now.

    Like PP said, feeding fluctuates almost daily for young babies. Also, babies around 4-6 months old get very distracted during the day and that keeps them from eating like they should. That is very, very normal.

    Cereal is basically pointless nutrition wise so work on getting her to take more formula and don't try to replace that with cereal.

    There's nothing wrong with asking questions. I'm assuming you are a FTM? How else will you get peace of mind if you don't ask questions? Tell your husband to politely back off and give you a break.

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  • I'm a Pediatric NP and do well baby checkups frequently. I ask about cooing and babbling but I certainly wouldn't give a 4-month old a poor grade for not making consanent sounds. Please don't worry about that. Just keep talking and singing to your baby a lot and her speech will continue to develop.

    Agree with PPs on the feeding questions.
  • It wasn't her pediatrician. He's pleased with her development. Sometimes she puts on a little show for him and the nurses. The group is non profit and they come in once a week to help me out in exercises and stuff for the baby to help her along a bit. She's out of the gray area now. They finally said that it was nothing to worry about.

  • Yup. Our healthcare cost is horrible. Almost $1,000 a month for insurance for the 3 of us and we're STILL paying $36,000 out of pocket for my son's 2 day NICU stay...I feel your pain!!
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