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Milk allergy

my daughter was diagnosed with silent reflux due to accesive screaming from day 1
She was prescribed omerprozale which seemed to make a slight difference not a lot tbh.
Since trying to wean she's seems to be in pain often
Her stool is also runny and passes wind a lot
Could this be a cows milk allergy?
Thank you

Re: Milk allergy

  • You need to ask your Pedi.
  • sjw93sjw93 member
    My LO is lactose intorlent.
    And can't have cows milk.
    His stools weren't runny they were extremely hard and was very constipated.
    It took him a day of pushing and straining till he opened his bowels.
    He's now on prescription milk. What has been amazing within a day he was opening his bowels normally and now can't even tell when he's going to the toilet. Been told he will grow out of it.
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