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Hello everyone, just a bit of concern. I'm 5 weeks pregnant & experiencing some breakthrough bleeding. Has anyone else experienced this around the same time?

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  • JovanovichJovanovich member
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    I believe that is technically what I had. Sorry TMI, It was like brown discharge and once or twice I had VERY light pink. It was about the same time maybe 6 or 7 weeks. Just try not to get too worked up. 

  • kcmichelkcmichel member
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    I had this at 5w too. Brown mucus for 2 days at wiping and then turned pink/red - I freaked bc I had a misc. in march that started the same way. The spots/cramps stopped after that and Im 8w now : )
    Still don't know what it was - we had a sono last week and all is well. OB said maybe old implantation blood and passing it irritated the cervix which explains the bright red spotting.
    Try not to worry too much, could be some breakthrough bleeding or something else minor. A call to your Dr will make you feel better.
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  • tbellamy2009tbellamy2009 member
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    I have it too on and off for the last week and I'm 6 wks.. My nurse says its normal as a part of implantation but will be going for an ultrasound on Friday just to double check..
  • kcmichelkcmichel member
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    RLP is Round Ligament Pain. Its when the uterus stretches and gives you a kind of sharp (although sometimes its dull too) crampy sensation in the muscles surrounding it. It can be felt way down low near your groin, front of your abdomen or side of your abdomen. Best way I describe it is like when you get a walking cramp.


  • Thanks so much for the replies
  • I am 6 wks 3 days and have been spotting since yesterday a light brown discharge. I have my first contact appointment tomorrow at the hospital and will be asking as many qs as possible. Everything I've read says this normal, but I can't help but worry :(
  • I got my BFP on Monday night (5 days before AF was due though I'm usually about 5 days late every month) I then wiped and seen light pink on the tissue, over night it seemed to get more like dark blood and continued yesterday and last night but it is starting to dry out and my tests are still positive, could this be breakthrough bleeding? I usually get cramps with AF but I havent had any cramps with the bleeding, just the RLP when I stand up. Advice please x
  • I am now 6w5d. Everything is normal. Doctor said it could've been from me carrying groceries in the house that day.
  • & what does RLP mean? I'm new to these things
  • Sorry @lilphatt i have no idea why my answer is 4 posts up lol.
  • Anybody else have a subchorionic hemorrhage and NOT had any bleeding ? I've had slight brown discharge a few times but nothing major . I figured since I'm bleeding internally id see that come out but I haven't .
  • kcmichelkcmichel member
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    @jonesl12 I had one I bled with in my 2nd pregnancy and one I didn't bleed with in my 3rd pregnancy. The one I bled with went away by 20 weeks, the one I didn't was there until I gave birth but they did U/S more frequently to make sure it wasn't getting bigger or interfering with babys development.
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