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my 3 1/2 year old never latched, so i pumped for a year. now my twins wont really either! i assumed it was because they were 7 weeks early, but im starting to think its just me! would a breastfeeding class help? i never did it with my first because it seems fairly self explanatory and just figured if he wasnt latching, then it wasnt gonna happen. has anyone had great success from a class or just a waste of time? thanks!
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Re: breastfeeding class

  • I took the class before I had my son and it helped. I'd recommend seeing a lactation consultant 1 on 1 so they can watch and assist you while breastfeeding. My son had swallowing issues and reflux we weren't able to overcome but the LC did help.
  • Yes, meet with a lactation consultant or find a la leche league group and ask the leaders for so one on one help. If one can't help, seek another. The lc at the hospital i gave birth with my son wasn't too helpful, but the lc at his pediatrician's office was amazing. The LLL leaders in my area, helped me out a lot, too. GL!
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    I didn't find the breastfeeding class that I attended to be any more informative than information I had previously found online. My hospitals lactation consultant was helpful since it's one on one. Just as a suggestion.. Have you tried using a nipple shield? I know some people are against them but that is how I got my 32 week girls to latch!
  • We just had BF class this week, and I didn't find it helpful at all. It was directed towards singletons and not led by a LC. She made more than one comment about how I'll need to supplement. I hope the LC at the hospital is more helpful!


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