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Feels like stomach is going to burst

Hey! I'm pregnant with twins, 18 weeks along. My stomach feels like it's going to burst and I have a ways to go here! Anyone else have this happen and is there any suggestions of things to do?

Re: Feels like stomach is going to burst

  • Get used to it? Lol sorry I don't have better advice...I remember thinking the same thing around 20 weeks. Like how could I possibly get bigger? But you will...my stomach is quadruple the size I was then and I'm 35 weeks now. Use lots of oil for the stretching!
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    Support belt saved me at 19 weeks. I was having horrible pains around the belly button. I got the cradle belt and love it! 31w2d and still going strong! Good luck
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  • I'm 31 weeks with quads, so trust me, i feel your pain. If you find a solution, please let me know!
  • Second vote for the prenatal cradle.  Not the most attractive contraption (especially since so many maternity shirts are so open up top and straps show) but worth it for comfort.
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    I feel like I go through phases when my belly feels huge and like I can't breathe or eat... Then I have a couple weeks of feeling totally great and (relatively) comfortable. Don't know if they move or I just get used to it before they grow again :). But sounds totally normal! Getting a support belt was a life saver and I also looked up stretches for siatic pain. Chiro and massage is a great help too!
  • EmJ628EmJ628 member
    Oh and I am 27w3d
  • rue:Drue:D member
    I'm 17w5d with twins and some days mine feels like it's going to explode. I will probably try a support belt once the feeling is more constant than not.
  • I totally agree with a maternity support belt as well. i don't think I would have made it as long working if I didn't wear one. And I put oil or lotion on in the morning and evening. Helped so much with the itching from stretching skin.

    Good luck! 
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